Anyone know a yard spray to kill dog ticks?

I live in Massachusetts and have many trees, shrubs in my back yard. I use K9 Advantix every month, but still my dogs get dog ticks. Is there anything I can spray the yard with to help??

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  • Marie PeppersMarie Peppers the valleyPosts: 1,164Member
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    (Critter oil, Cedar oil, NuVET , and D.Earth) You need to be careful because you don't want to poison your baby - here are some good links to natural care for your pets and your yard, too. Natural Killers of Fleas and Ticks..
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    It has been long enough since Ihad to spray for bugs, I forget what I use. I would go to a lawn and garden supply and read the labels. there should be effective products labeled safe for pets. You still may want to spray just before the dog will be away. we were away the weekend before last, and I sprayed the weeds just before we left.
  • Samantha ShepardSamantha Shepard Roswell, NMPosts: 2Member
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    I have this same problem. We recently moved here to New Mexico, and I'm not used to having ticks in my back yard in the middle of town. My yard is mostly sand/dirt. I brought my new puppy home a few weeks ago, we've lived there for 4 months now. I have never seen a single tick on my 3 kids, but I bring my puppy home and put her outside she comes in and has 5 ticks on her. I went to Walmart and in the pet section with the flea and ticks medications for pets there is a spray .. I can't remember the name of it. Its in a blue box. You connect it to your hose like you do for like lawn fertilizer/miracle grow. You spray your yard with it, and let it dry, it says not to let the animals or kids near it while its wet, but after its dry your good to go. They suggest treating your yard once, then again 2 weeks later. I haven't seen a tick on my dog since I did this last week.
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