I think I have a BUGG or a CHUG. A ridge of coarse hair stands up on her spine from neck to tail. Is

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I do not know the type of puppy I adopted. I wondered if the hair standing on her spine when she gets excited will help me figure out if she is a Chug or a Bugg or something else altogether. She is basically black with one white forepaw. The paw has black dots on it. She has pug eyes and floppy ears. She has a white strip down her chest and a tip on her chin. She weighs about 10 pounds. Very loving and playful, but seems to break out on her stomach if she plays in the grass. She is timid about going outside if cold unless our other dog goes. She runs like the wind and in a figure 8 pattern. She is about 8 months old, but has had a litter of pups (5) 2 months ago. She makes odd noises, like a child or baby, when she gets excited.

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  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Posts: 7,383Member
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    The coarse hair you are talking about is the hackles, ie. the dog is raising its hackles. Pretty much all dogs can do this in an over-excited or aggressive state, so it's not really an indicator of breed. Maybe if you post some pictures people can take a guess.
  • Andrea HowellAndrea Howell Hood RiverPosts: 648Member
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    If the "ridge" of hair only appears at times, unlike a Rhodesian Ridgeback where there is a strip of hair down the back that grows in the opposite direction of the rest of the hair. If it only stands up straight at times, then that is just the dogs "hackles". Dogs hackles stand up when they become aroused by any number of different stimulus. Most people assume raised hackles means the dog is aggressive but this is not the case. Meeting new dogs is the most often time you will see hackles raised- but they can show them from excitement- not only aggression. So in answer to your question- NO, the raised hair from her neck to tail is not a clue, its a behavioral trail that pretty much ALL dogs can exhibit.
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