My 4 year old Pit Mix chews and eats various things...

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Ok. She has been a tough, tough dog. But, as a responsible Pit owner, we have kept ON TOP of her all her life. Now, most of the time she is a wonderful, silly, crazy, funny sweetheart, but every once in a while she'll go through a "bad" phase. She is crate trained, obedience trained, etc... Always has access to her toy basket as well as however many toys are strewn throughout the house. She has a big back yard to run in (it's too hot here in AZ to take her running anymore) but she seems to prefer to just chill around the house and have occasional bouts of energy/play time. She has always been a chewer. When she's having a "bad" phase she starts chewing again. It's mostly harder plastic, sticks, rocks and paper. She never really chews important things but it's annoying to come home to shredded paper and I'm scared the harder plastic might get stuck in her intestines or something terrible like that. I could include more information, but the space is limited. THANK YOU!

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    Give her a rawhide bone, because one of my dogs (a lab mix named Sparky) was terrible at chewing. he still is, but better than before. When you leave the house crate her. Don't ever feel like she's too old for a crate. Then let her out when you get home. Good luck, and hope this helps! And if you have any more questions, paw mail me.
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