my dog just had 8 puppys 4 died the puppys need a lot of attention the mom wont eat or drink!!!!

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She is a very good mom and i love her this is her first time being a mom she is very protective!!

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  • Alex KondosAlex Kondos TulsaPosts: 600Member
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    Your dog needs to see a vet now. Not tomorrow, not when it is convenient, but NOW! If half the litter died and mom is not eating or drinking, there is a good possibility something is wrong. If you want your dog to live, get her to a vet.
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    I agree with Megan that your dog and her remaining puppies need to be taken to a vet immediately to be checked out. Chances are that whatever the first four puppies died from makes the other puppies at very high risk of dying as well. I'm sure your dog is an excellent mom. Unfortunately, there isn't much she can do if her puppies are sick. She needs your help and the only way you can do that is to get medical care for her from a vet. The fact that she's not eating or drinking means she's also at risk here and I would hate to see you lose your dog and all her puppies. Please, please take her to the vet right away.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    sorry to hear that, but she does need medical attention right away. and the pups that remain need to go as well, just put them in a seperate box. Have someone go with you. you handle the mom dog and the pups get carried in by someone else.
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