My chihuahua had one puppy. Did not know she was preg. Mommy died when pup was 2 wks old with no sig

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The daddy was a chihuahua/terrior. The mommy acted normal after giving birth. When the pup was two weeks old to the day we found the mom dead after she had seemed fine a few hours before. Now we are raising the baby on puppy formula and I am so heart broken. The mom was only 1 1/2 years old and the puppy was very tiny. Because she acted "normal" for the past couple of weeks I did not even know anything was wrong to take her to the vet. Any information would be deeply appreciated.

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  • Rebecca LandonRebecca Landon Posts: 5,368Member
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    This may sound gross, but if you really need to know for closure, stick her in a bag in your freezer, and take her to a vet for an autopsy when you can. But there are a lot of things that could kill a dog who has just whelped. A friend of mine lost her bitch after whelping a litter of 12 mastiff pups. Not fun!
  • Jessica PalmerJessica Palmer JacksonvillePosts: 218Member
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    There is really no telling what happened unless the vet performs a necropsy. I've heard that Chihuahuas often have problems with pregnancy and giving birth. I'm sorry for your loss.
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    She may have retained a pup or placenta...Your dog should have been seen by a vet post whelping to make sure everything was o.k....Chi's have a hard time whelping & medical care should be given during the pregnancy & after having pups.
  • Jennifer McLatcherJennifer McLatcher Posts: 32Member
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    Sorry for your loss. Right now though you need to get the pup chcked out by a vet and have them advise you on how to raise it. The pup would still be drinking it's mothers milk at this age but would start to wean it at about 4 weeks old. You'll need to find out how to do this from your vet. Also mom would help stimiulate the pup to go poop and pee, this is now going to be your job, again your vet should be able to show you how.
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