I have taken on another bassett hound but he goes mad when we leave him!

I have a bassett hound who we adopted from one of my friends he is 2 and has already had 5 homes. He is fine when we are with him but when we go out or go to bed he goes mad he jumps at the walls and slobers puddles everywere! I also have a 3 year old bassett who is as calm as anything and i have never had any trouble with him so i dont know what to do sometimes i even think he is going to fit because he is so panicy. He only is quiet and stops panicing when i put him in my garage with the door open. Maybe he is claustrophic? I need help with him because i cant deal with it much longer! HELP!

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  • Kelli AffeldtKelli Affeldt Posts: 29Member
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    He probably has separation anxiety. You need to get Victoria Stilwell's book and read up on how to deal with separation anxiety. He will need to learn to not get panicky when you leave and she has some tips on how to deal with it. Its a fairly common problem in dogs and it depends on the severity of it as to how long it will take to "deal with it." I am guessing that is unfortunately why he has been through so many homes, its unfortunate for the poor dog, who is the one who suffers the most from the separation anxiety. He needs to go through counter conditioning to be able to have the capacity to deal with your leaving. Good luck. Victoria Stilwell's book is It's Me or The Dog.
  • Susan yearightSusan yearight Posts: 368Member
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    Working with a one on one trainer and behaviorist is the best thing to do. And try to be patient, he's had a rough life, it's going to take time but the problem can be solved if you consult a reputable trainer.
  • Wendy DanburyWendy Danbury OrangePosts: 861Member
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    Hi there, I agree that this sounds like separation anxiety, and that the best way to deal with it is to get some professional help from a behaviorist who uses humane methods and positive reinforcement (no yelling, leash-jerking, or harsh corrections). See http://www.k9techsupport.com/without_flash/Html/articles.html for an article on how to select a reputable trainer (as well as other helpful articles on training various behaviors). If you decide to work with your dog yourself, I agree that Stillwell's approach is helpful. You can also check out just about any book by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. - my favorite is The Other End of the Leash - to learn more about human/canine communication and how to work with your dog's natural instincts and behaviors. One way to help anxiety is to increase your dog's expenditure of mental and physical energy. Walks are good, but add to that a task or game, and you will help reduce his nervous energy. Tracking games are great for this breed! Good luck!
  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    Due to the severety of his anxiety I suggest a multiple approach. Exercise till he's exhausted. A routine he can rely on. basic training and rules give dogs a safe structure to rely on. Crate training. Medication Relaxation therepy The last one sound goofy, but Our cousin Cricket came to stay a while. She is alway anxious. She doesn't eat until everyones in bed at night. She paces and whines. She chews herself. Mom made her lie on a bed next to us at bed time while she gave her a strong massage. All ten fingers kneading Crickets head, neck, shoulders and back. She started out tense, day two she relaxed quicker, day 3 she was happy to lie down and relaxed very quickly. The dog has made mistakes in previous homes and he is afraid he'll do it again. He needs the security of routine and crate so he knows he is doing well and can't mess up.
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