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What will my pups look like with a black lab female and blond toy poodle male?

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  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    Mixed breeds, commonly known as mutts.
  • Kylie DennisKylie Dennis TooelePosts: 1,805Member
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    it depends....i think the above poster...answered the wrong question... BOL!!!
  • Joanne JeffersonJoanne Jefferson Posts: 472Member
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    There is no way to tell how the combination of two breeds will come out. Realistically, you could have some pups that look exactly like a lab, some pups that look exactly like a poodle, and some that look somewhere in between. It all depends on the different genes each pup gets from his/her sire and dam.
  • Allie LumAllie Lum TorontoPosts: 1,587Member
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  • Jessica GardnerJessica Gardner Coastal Plain/PiedmontPosts: 2,868Member
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    Probobly labradoodles, which have the same type of fur (like the toy poodle) and the same active lifestyle as both breeds, which means lots of swimmin.
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    They might look like the sire or they might look like the dam or a mixture there of. When you breed mutts it is a genetic crap shoot as to how they will turn out as far as looks, size & temperament.
  • Betty MorganBetty Morgan CitronellePosts: 5,018Member
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    Please don’t breed any more designer mongrels. The ponds are full of them; many die each day because careless backyard breeder thought it would be fun/profitable/whatever to breed a nice litter of mutts. Get both of the dogs fixed and make sure you find good homes for the puppies.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    When you cross breeds, it's exactly the same as two mutts having pups--you don't know what you are going to get. They could be like both, or more like one parent than the other. And, they'll be just as good as any Poodle/Lab mix you can fix in shelters all across the USA. I love mixes, but breeding them is totally unnecessary and considered irresponsible by many since 75% of shelter dogs are mixed breeds. My website is an *Introduction* to the world of responsible dog breeding: ~Tiffany, breeder-in-training
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