my schnauzer has engorged boobs what can I do untill we go to the vet ?

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
    Accepted Answer
    It could be a sign of a false pregnancy, a real pregnancy, or that she's coming into her first heat. I can't think of anything that you need to do. Next time you have a possible health concern, I recommend calling the vet and asking for advice. This is a good way to find out if it's serious enough to bring her in over.
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
    Accepted Answer
    I am going to be a little less blunt with my answer since you did ask what you could do until you go to the vet, not what you could do INSTEAD of the vet. Warm compresses are always a good idea to ease congestion in mammary glands. Keep applying them as often as possible.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    yes. The vet can determine what is wrong with her.
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