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MY two dovermens(outside dogs) keep digging under my fence and getting sent to the pound or having us find them please give me some suggestion

Best Answers

  • Amy OsborneAmy Osborne EdmontonPosts: 1,907Member
    Accepted Answer
    Why are they outdoor dogs? Dobermans want to be inside with the family as your companion, not left in the yard all day. They are high drive working dogs. They are intelligent and need a job to do. They are digging because they are bored and have nothing better to do, and they haven't been trained to behave otherwise. Please exercise them, give them something to do, even if it's just training. Let them be part of the family as they should be. If you have no time for them and just leave them out in the yard all day to be destructive, maybe you should consider re-homing them.
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
    Accepted Answer
    I would make sure that they are indoors when you cannot watch them. Making sure they get enough exercise and stimulation can help keep them calmer when indoors so that you are able to leave them in when you leave the house. If they dig their way out while you're home, that's another story and you just need to watch them more carefully. It takes at least a few minutes of intense digging for even the most advanced Houdini to dig his way out from under a fence like that. It's definitely not good that they are getting loose; a lot of stuff can happen to them and you're lucky so far that you've been able to get them back, safe and sound. You could also build - or have built for you - outdoor dog runs that are inescapable if they MUST be outside. Make sure when doing something like this that you pick a part of the yard to install the run which has partial shade at ALL times of the day. It's ok if the shade "moves" with the sun but shade is important. BTW, it's spelled doberman. :-)
  • Brenda RdzBrenda Rdz HarlingenPosts: 7Member
    Accepted Answer
    When my labrador started digging we put loggs big big logs around the whole fence so he cant dig out. This helped us it will probable help you too. :) Hope I helped!!!:)
  • Sachin SwamiSachin Swami KennesawPosts: 33Member
    Accepted Answer
    Just get an electric fence for them...... they may be costly but you wont have to worry about your dogs escaping!!!!
  •  Posts: 7Member
    Accepted Answer
    Depending on the size of the yard I use to get chicken wire(cheap) and zip ties(cheaper) and attatch the chicken wire to bottom of my chain link with zip ties and let the chicken wire lie across the lawn about a foot. They wont dig through it, it hurts. Electric fence will work but you will use it for a week and never need it again as I did. Rocks,builder blocks, logs may work. If you have the time, watch them from the window and as soon as they start to dig get on it and disipline. One thing for certain you need to rectify it asap as they may start causing you legal and financial problems. 2 Dobs running loose its only a matter of time before a nuisance becomes a nightmare. Good luck
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    yes, bring them in. Dobermans are inside dogs mainly in the winter fall months. Maybe you live in the warmer states, but even so they are bored, that is why they are digging. They want out. Find them activities to do, leash walking, obedience, frisbee, flyball, playing, kiddie pool to play in ect. Keep them happy and busy.
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
    Accepted Answer
    I also did the logs around th fence. but another thing i did was to bury chicken wire a foot down under the fence. It is a pain to dig all around the fence, but i never had another one dig out.
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