What can i do for my puppy reese who can't hold himself up?

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I woke up this mornig and realized he was sleeping late, being a puppy he should usually be hopping around by now, i picked him up and his head fell streight down, not being upported at all, he won't even stand, he won't drink water either, and i currently can't see a vet

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    Sorry, but this is an EMERGENCY! GET HIM TO A VET ASAP!!!. Do not wait for online strangers to give you an answer. GO! Go NOW!!. A dog that can not stand & won't drink or eat is a sick dog. You owe him his health. This could be life/death, especially in a puppy.
  • Tathra DwyerTathra Dwyer Posts: 2Member
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    This sounds like a paralysis tick - check Reese all over for any ticks - if you find this tick which when gorged (feeding/full) remove it immediately and ensure you remove the head - this best done carefully with tweezers - when this is found - try and get him to a vet or animal hospital immediately! If he starts to breath funny - this is the starts of inhalation pneumonia. He must be taken to a vet immediately! As he is a puppy he is very small and weak and you want to increase his risk of getting over it. Im sorry if this alarms you - but i had this happen to my precious angel Snickers 3 years ago. as he was a small dog he didnt pull through as we didnt find it straight away. I hope this isnt the case for you and he is just tired or sleepy. But please check him thoroughly in ears in muzzle, between eyes under ears and all over! Good luck and i hope Reese gets better soon!
  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    If you want to save your puppies life, take him to the Emergency Vet now!!! Don't wait 5 minutes more. There is no more serious symptoms. Please!!!!!!!!!!!ASAP!!!!! Let us know what happens.
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    It is your legal & moral responsibility to get the animals in your care vet care when they need it!...It could be many things &, if your pup is still alive, you need to get it to an emergency vet NOW!...No excuses!!!
  • sherri stockflethsherri stockfleth Posts: 1,123Member
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    you can and must see a vet! get to one now! there are payment options and if not get to the humane society and tell them of your need they will see to minimal vet care at least.
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