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My 9 month old boxer pup, Roxie barks in our back yard and will not stop. She also jumps up on peopl

Sometimes she's barking at people and sometimes I think she just barks to hear herself bark. She will go to my bedroom sliding door ant get close to it and bark so it echoes off the door. It is really annoying, especially after I've worked 16 hours. Oh, and the digging is horrible! She digs and digs. We fill the holes and she digs them deeper. She has a great personality, but so many bad habits. It's really hard because we do have a 6 year old boxer/mastiff and she is great! Please help! I'd appreciate any good advice you could give me. Thanks, Lisa

Best Answers

  • Sam SmithSam Smith Posts: 1,946Member
    Accepted Answer
    First of all, how much exercise is she getting? Is she getting two walks a day or more? Are they one hour walks? Or is she cooped up in the back yard in hopes this will give her the required amount of exercise? Boxers are very active, energetic dogs who need a lot of exercise to properly stimulate them and keep them from boredom. Digging is a form of boredom. Barking isn't because she 'likes to hear herself', it's because she's territorial, stressed, bored or wants attention. You work 16 hours. How much time do you spend with the dogs to give them brain stimulation and physical stimulation? What most owners don't realize is that giving adequate exercise will often fix these 'bad habits'. As for going to your bedroom sliding door, she probably wants in, not to hear her bark echo. Jumping on people is because the dog is excited or is trying to smell their breath, one of the smellier parts of humans. This could be fixed by keeping her on leash or shoving her off with a firm No.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    she is being a puppy digging holes. I really don't stop any of my dogs from digging as it is good mental and physically stimulation. But, I understand the hassles of it. I usually have a flat headed shovel in the side of the house for holes. You can try making a homemade sand dog box and then bury their toys in it that way they have a set place to dig without fear of messing the whole yard up. You can also enroll the dog into puppy 101 classes and learn obedience. The barking is a sign of boredom. I think a good ball game or frisbee low key 2x aday for 10 minutes would be of help
  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Posts: 7,383Member
    Accepted Answer
    She sounds completely bored out of her mind. Both the digging and barking show this clearly. She's a 9 month old boxer pup, a very young, extremely high energy breed.... not sure what you were expecting her to do when you are gone for 16 hour days. Sticking a dog in the backyard in hopes that it will exercise and entertain itself is a pipe dream at best. She needs WAY more physical and mental stimulation than she is presently receiving. These "bad habits" are simply the result of her basic needs not being met. I don't mean to be harsh but that's just the truth. Make time in your day for her -- long walks/jogs, rigorous games of fetch, tug, teach her a new trick to exercise her mind, dog park, obedience class... something. It will not go away on its own.
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
    Accepted Answer
    I do agree, this really sounds like a bored puppy. I also have one that likes to bark for no reason. One of the worst thing you can do is give them attention for barking. This just encourages them to bark more. Maybe more walks or playing with the dogs will help them to be less wild
  • Sheli OcallahanSheli Ocallahan peterboroughPosts: 1Member
    Accepted Answer
    We find with our 8 mth old boxer we trained him hard along with socialized him with everything and everyone around introduced him to the dog park at just 10 wks old .. mind u we have been with him while at the dog park at he did start chewing the wood furniture so i basted my furniture with Buckleys and he attempted to chew till he got the taste and never chewed that wood again does not hurt ur furniture but it helped save my furniture ... he gets Play dates regularly and it seems to work .. try to find a dog park or day care provider for dogs i feel that it is wrong to leave ur dog for 16 hrs a day to occupy himself of course he is lashing out he is striving for the attention that no one can give him ..sorry but its the truth ..
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