does pinapple stop your dog from gulping down food

my dacshound puppy (5months old) gulp down his food I have tried placing food on a tray so not in one heap does not work he also gulp his dry food down have bought bigger bits he still gulps down food, have tried several different ways, someone said that pineapple given to dog will encourage dog to eat slower is this true, I am not home most of the day so feeding several smaller meals wont work

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  • aiken parkeraiken parker Fred enjoys shared between 2 sPosts: 234Member
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    Hi, well at one point we used a Kong toy made for teething pups (indestructible). You can fill them up with the kibble/dry food so your pooch can be entertained and kept busy. As well as being comforted while teething (Worked well for us) :) We ourselves bought a couple of Kongs and placed them in weighted food bowls with the rest of their food and our pups ate around it. Afterward it was a 'Prize' when they got the food out of the Kong. We also put treats in them and they are still a favorite. I do know someone who purchased the Durapet Slow-Feed Bowl which is stainless (IMHO preferable over plastic which attract bacterial growth etc) and it slowed their pup down..essentially the same concept as it has a bulge in the center the dog eats around. You can find them on line and shop around if that is the route you want to take. BTW, had tried a ball in the bowl and a bowl upside down in a bowl but ultimately the Kong has worked out best and served multiple purposes :) Enjoy your new pup!
  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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    Have you thought about hand feeding? That way not only is the dog getting a meal, but also some bonding time with you (heck, you can even use it do some training).
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
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    Usually spreading food out on something works. Another standard technique is putting large rocks in the dish. We are still feeding our one Lab in a muffin tin as his former owner did. You put a small amount in each part. You can start with only part of it. I have never heard of the pineapple to slow eating. I understand it can stop stool eating.
  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    Pepper and Pamela were both very fast eaters. By feeding them from a muffin baking pan (I was able to get a ceramic one for $10), it slowed them down quite a bit. They would take a few kibbles from each well, but not empty it, work around the pan until they ate all the food. If you add a little canned food they take time to lick the pan. I used sticky, ground, canned meats. I only added a little so the canned food can last a few meals.
  • Bri BBri B Posts: 1,300Member
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    I would not reccomend giving your dog pineapple. You may have heard that pineapple encourages your dog to stop eating their stool, but I don't think it discourages them from gobbling their food. Pineapple is also a citrus fruit that is high in sugar, and it's not that great for a dog's kidneys. If you want your dog to stop gobbling food, try the Brake-Fast dog bowl. Here is the link to their website: This bowl is unique and helps the dog slow down when they are eating. I suggest you take a look at the site. It looks like a great bowl. Please do something to help your dog soon. Gobbling food is horrible for a dog's stomach and can even lead to GDV or bloat. Good luck!
  • Angie HuserAngie Huser Noblesville, IndianaPosts: 645Member
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    I have never heard of pineapple keeping a dog from gulping down food. Here are some ideas: 1. There are special bowls that you can buy to curb fast eating. They have raised "pegs" in the middle of them. They are called "Brake-Fast" bowls. 2. There are treat balls that you can fill up with kibble, which keeps the puppy entertained and the bonus of not gulping down food. 3. Hand-feeding is a great idea, plus it is a good bonding moment for you and the pup. 4. Put small handfuls of kibble into the dish at a time. Take a few minutes in between for the dog to relax. 5. Hide the food around a room and make your pup look for it. Stimulates the mind and the belly! 6. Feed in the morning before you leave and feed in the evening. Unless you are gone 19 out of 24 hours, you can make time to feed twice a day (or how many times you want). You just have to be creative. Feeding a dog sometimes means more that dumping kibble in a bowl and calling it a day.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer Here is the link that is going to help your dog. No, pinapple is used for dogs who eat their own feces. I don't know if that actually even works for all dogs, I had one of those. I would use this bowl to prevent gulping, gagging, bloat and other serious stomach and intestinal upset by eating too fast. This bowl will stop this fast eating. good luck. :)
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