Should I buy my dog boots?

Tara ClarkTara Clark Posts: 3Member
My Golden Retriever/Tibetan Mastiff mix loves the snow and cold. He pulls the sled and runs around acting like a puppy again. But after a while the snow gets stuck in the hair between his toes and I end up having to pull it out. He has a really thick TM-like coat, so I know he's not cold, but does the ice and snow between his toes hurt and should I buy doggy boots? Do they even have any to fit my 115 pound dog with huge feet? :)

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  • Theresa HomanTheresa Homan Posts: 646Member
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    It isn't necessary to shoe your dog. My 125 lb ridgeback loves to play in the snow too. We sled together and I have never had any problems with his paws. I don't allow him to stay out for more than an hour at a time in extreme windchills and even less if he isn't running and playing to help keep himself warm. The wolf you see in the picture with Hector prefers extreme cold. He actually gets icicles hanging off of him, but when he comes in the house, he can't stand the heat and goes out within an hour. So their paws have to be pretty tough. Anyway, my dog Hector does just fine without boots, but you may want to ask your vet for a professional opinion on the matter.
  • Mindy SzumilaMindy Szumila AlpenaPosts: 156Member
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    Boots would be nice. It'll save you some time picking snow/ice out of the feet. Ice can't feel good for the dog. They do make boots for bigger dogs. Where to get them, I'm not sure. Try petsmart. I never go their, and never will, but you can try. Good luck:)
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    You can find boots to fit him of course the dog is not going to like it. There is an online site that sells Mukluks they are suppose to be really nice. Other then that you can take him to the groomer in the winter and have his feet trimmed - the hair can be quickly removed so that the snow can't attach to hair as much
  • Amber MarshallAmber Marshall Posts: 814Member
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    I have seen some in the stores but, I bet you could find some real nice ones on the internet! I'm sure Bud would really appreciate them after he got used to him but, you can be sure he will be walking around like a Tennessee Walking Horse for a while the first couple of times you put them on his little feet! :)
  • mistery Cablemistery Cable Posts: 57Member
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    I do reccomend getting dog boots for your dog if he is very active or you live in a particularly cold or icy place or especially if you live where people put salt out to melt ice as the chemicals in this can be toxic. There are many brands of dog boots avaliable. The new York times tested boots on chihuahuas, and there is a article about that on dogster. I plan to test some of these on my lab, butg I haven't yet, The only ones I've tried are the PAWZ rubber boots, they are kind of durable, but are hard to put on and my chihuahua walks awkwardly with them on.
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