How do I make giving insulin shot to Boo a stress-free, pain-free experience? He yelps every time an

Carlena BurnsCarlena Burns KetteringPosts: 3Member
Boo is 3 weeks into being diagnosed as a diabetic. The twice daily insulin shot is stressing both of us out. He is becoming more and more distrustful of me. I come towards him to pet him, and he acts like I'm about to cause him pain, so he moves away from me. It's very disheartening and it makes me very sad to hurt him. There has to be a better way to control this disease on dogs. Can anyone give me advice?

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  • Suni BowlingSuni Bowling Posts: 876Member
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    You should try giving the insulin while he's eating. That way he'll be distracte and won't know the insulin is coming. It shouln't be hurting him and he shouldn't be dreading it. Are you giving the insulin in the right spot and doing it the right way? I'm a vet assistant. So plz don't hesitate to pawmail me.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    do you have anyone who can help you give it? the other person can feed him while you walk up behind him with out talking and give it to him. I am sure this must be terrifying for him. But, you have to do it and there is no easy way. Has the vet told you the least painful spot to give the shot? maybe using a thick skinned area is the best area. Usually the thickest part of the nap of the neck is the best spot. Maybe feel around for the thickest part and also hold that area up so the blood doesn't flow as heavy just before you stick the needle in. You can have some one hold his collar down lower so his chin is slightly down. Or you can tether him so his head is even with his neck. I am not sure what to tell you other then go slow and talk to him.
  • Kathy YataKathy Yata Posts: 10,342Member
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    Those tiny needles hurt less than your attitude. Be glad you found out what was wrong with him and that this little stick will keep him happy and strong and with you for much longer. The stick is life giving, not torture! Most any dog is going to have health challenges, diabetes is his. Sassy gets 15-25 minute subcutaneous treatments every day with a much larger needle and now will lie still and just flinch a little when that large needle goes in. Try the cookies with a helper or maybe something long lasting like a plate smeared with a little peanut butter or something he is allowed on his diet just as you make the stick. Be sure to compliment him on his extremely good dogness when it is over and go do something fun. Try separating the stick times from regular snuggles by doing them in a particular spot with particular cookies. Maybe that will help him not be worried at other times. I would use a leash to bring him there but lead with a cookie lure. No choice but be nice.
  • Regina ShawhanRegina Shawhan Waynesville, OhioPosts: 512Member
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    Keep your attitude upbeat and cheerful before you give him the shot. Praise him while you are doing it and feed him some tasty treats. Cheese or bacon bits work well or small pieces of hot dog. After you are done do something fun with him. Something he really likes like fetch or a walk. This way he will hopefully associate the shot with good things happening.
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