Does anybody have any experience/knowledge about coydogs or any health issues they may have?

Rebecca SchlueterRebecca Schlueter petersburgPosts: 2Member
my coydog was sadie she is on my profile here. she was a sheltie mix. she had gotten better before she died. She had gotten better then the morning she got sick again she died on the way to the vet. Looking back at her symptoms and treatments and her responses to them she appears to maybe of had liver disease? I know shelties are prone to endocrine system disorders but am unsure about coydogs and can find very little informaiton about them. If anybody has any information on coydogs or health issues please let me know. My husband keeps telling me I did all I could, she was getting better, and to quite beating myself up over it. but that is so hard all i can think is she died so i didnt do enough!! even if it seems there was nothing else i could do. I miss her soo bad and will never find another dog anything like her if i searched the world!!

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  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    I don't know how long you had her, from what age, and what her health history was. I can't even say for sure if she was mixed with coyote. Truthfully I doubt she was, Coyote avoid dogs unless they are small enough to be considered prey. They don't consider dogs, even a female in heat, to be "one of their kind". What I do know is you are grieving the loss of a beloved pet. I know how hard it can be and I have made mistakes with my pets as well. Knowing is not likely to ease your heartache. And while you will never have another like her, you will in time, I hope, open your heart to another rescue that needs you desparately. Any dog would be lucky to have an owner with such a kind heart. So sorry for your loss.
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