How long will my dog grieve when his play mate dies?

Jessi KnicelyJessi Knicely KimballPosts: 272Member
Shasta is getting to the age where she wont live very much longer. she is 16 years old. they have been together since July 4, 2003. How long do you think Tommy will grieve after she has passed on? i know when he is grieving its best to let them grieve but is there anything i can do to help him get better when she is gone. by the way she isnt yet.

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  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    It's hard to say. It depends partly on who the more dominant dog is. When Candy died, Snickers was devistated and has never been the same. But Candy was the self-assured one. When she died, I had to take over as the leader, which Snickers accepted. But I'm no dog, and not here all the time like Candy was. My family did the best we could not to share our grief and help him move on. Nothing worked. When we got Pepper, he had a purpose, if not the stability. I wish your family the best, lots of strength and acceptance as you go through this hard time with your older dog.
  • Michaela MccainMichaela Mccain BeebePosts: 846Member
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    I agree with Snickers. After Snowflake died Blue hasnt been his self, Streed out and lonely what he needed was attintion!, And did so happen, then we Got Dagger, but Blue was still you know not his self but he still liked the company as SNowflake has Given Blue.. Oh how i miss Snowflake my baby girl!!:'(.. I hope Shasta doesnt die anytime soon:'(.. She seems like a totall SWEETIE PIE!!!!!:D.. Hopes&Wishes to your doggy family and just the normal human one too!:).. Good Luck you guys! ~~~WOOF! WOOF!~~~ ````Dagger````
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