Aussie/BC exercise?

Beka ABeka A Posts: 23Member
Yes I know it is hard to say because every dog is different, but will most Aussies and BCs suffice with a 2 mile walk/run/bike, half hour of frisbee, and an hour of mental stimulation a day? Also, which one tires them out the most? Thanks

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  • Jessi KnicelyJessi Knicely KimballPosts: 272Member
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    we take our BC mix on a mile run to 2 miles a run a day and i think he wears out easily since we havent had time since we got him to walk him 3 or 4 times a day since i go to school and my sister is lazy andmy mom goes to work and stuff like that my opponion on which one tires them out more would be a 2 mile run and a hour of mental stimulation a day but take the dog on a couple walks during the day to help realise that extra pent up energy or your could play frisbee instead of going on walks also i hope this helps you good luck
  • Michaela MccainMichaela Mccain BeebePosts: 846Member
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    Useally give your dog the walk and the frisbee(after you teach him).. and then see what the suffice is.. Also most dogs get tired on the Run/frisbee-because they use there mouth as well, Do it to much and they wont play it at all that day.. SO those will make the dog tiredd
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    That sounds like a good basic regimen! There is a good mix of activities. Frisbee uses both mind & body & is great. I had a 3 yr old gsd who loved 20 mins of frisbee & it pooped him out! Biking also teaches focus as she runs. Training tricks & obedience uses different mental muscles & these breeds love to learn! After a session, depending on what we are training, my guy sleeps for about an hour.
  • Regina ShawhanRegina Shawhan Waynesville, OhioPosts: 512Member
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    The long walk tires them out the most. If you do 2 miles every day it would probably be best to split it into two 1 mile walks. Border Collies were bred to herd sheep for up to 20. miles a day so 2 miles is a trip to the park for them. Frisbee and/or ball several times a day is good too. MENTAL STIMULATION. Very immportant. Border Collies and Aussies need to be taught and trained EVERY day. They LOVE learning new things and being able to feel useful. Now as puppies they have short attention spans of course so several short sessions a day is good but once they are older they need to be BUSY BUSY BUSY. My Border Collie is only 4 mos. old but she already knows the basics, sit-stay, down-stay, come and stop. And she knows them WELL. She will stop on a dead run if I tell her too. Once she was getting ready to cross the street in front of a car and I yelled stop and she IMMEDIATELY stopped. It saved her life. I also dont need a leash for her as her recall is excellent. Good luck!
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