Australian Shepherds?

Beka ABeka A Posts: 23Member
I think I've decided to go with an Australian Shepherd since they have a little less drive than BC's. Either way I know they need tons of exercise, and I just wanted to poll about how often you exercise your BC or Aussie and how? Thanks :)

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  • Michaela MccainMichaela Mccain BeebePosts: 846Member
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    You should exerise them everother day each week.. or if you can everyday!!.. dogs should get the same amount for any breed!!, Just think if every breed of dog wasnt getting exercie they would be lazy and fat!!:DLOL..
  • Maddie JewettMaddie Jewett Posts: 15Member
    Accepted Answer
    I take out my two BC's on a run usually once or twice a day. They really like to be biked, so they can get more energy out by running. My Aussie puppy gets pretty tired out from one short run, but he lasts longer now than a few weeks ago.
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    All dogs need exercise daily. BCs & ASs need jobs to be content & to not look for things to do when bored. Those breeds need at least an hour a day of physical exercise, plus the mental stimulation from training. You can teach them to *herd balls, or fetch, frisbee, agility, flyball, dance routines, etc. Basic obedience is a must..sit, down, stay. They do not do well if they are bored..they will find stuff to occupy themselves that you may not like. Please do more research on both breeds to see if they will fit into your lifestyle. Good luck!
  • Regina ShawhanRegina Shawhan Waynesville, OhioPosts: 512Member
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    Faith gets at LEAST two 1/2 mile walks every day plus 1 or 2 training sessions. I also take her everywhere I can with me.
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