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My father is threatening to shoot Saydi..

As the title says, My father isn't too fond of Saydi. He says she stinks, shes retarded, a nucense. I think the complete oppisite. Saydi is my baby girl. I'm not going to let my father shoot her. How can I convince my father that Saydi is a great dog, and that she can't be perfect and she has her faults. He just doesn't understand how much I go through everyday to keep her alive and him from shooting her. He doesn't realize the love I have for this dog and that he'll have a very depressed daughter if she dies. Once he stated, "She pees everywhere! We can't handle it!" I asked him, "If I ran around tearing things us and peeing everywhere - Would you shoot me?" He shut up for the rest fo the day about her. I always refer Saydi's life so mine, if he wouldn't do it to me, he shouldn't do it to Saydi. I also told him, "If Saydi goes, I go too. Would you rather a happy alive daughter, or a daughter that died for her dog?" He gets a little mad when I do that. PleaseHelp

Best Answers

  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
    Accepted Answer
    well, I don't know how old you are, but I'd say it's time to move out and take the dog with you... A lot of people will never understand why we care so much about our dogs. I have to live with my mom and stepdad right now due to financial difficulties, and heck, I get p****d off that they say Bruno can't sleep on my bed! And have to say, what he is threatening is ILLEGAL. He cannot shoot your dog- that's animal abuse. Of course, he can pressure you all he wants, :( but he can't kill the dog.
  • Michaela MccainMichaela Mccain BeebePosts: 846Member
    Accepted Answer
    OMD!!!!!:'(..THIS IS TERRIABLE!!!!!!!!! If my father tried to shoot Snowflake I would told him the same thing about what you have said to your dad...I HOPE HE DOESNT SHOOT HER!!... Saydi is a loving companion of your life, he cant just let that go...If he does shoot Saydi, call the police and say that my dad just shot my dog, isn't that ANIMAL ABUSING!!!..He could go to jail just to shoot a dog, HE SHOULD KNOW THAT.. Try to at least TRAIN Saydi from peeing in the house and try to TRAIN her to stop chewing on things..Tell your dad that you can go to jail for this kind of animal abuse..F.Y.I.-What your dad means by threating to shoot your dog is so he can get you scared and stuff like that.. Heres oe website for Saydi about tearing things in the house- Another one for house breaking-{keyword}&utm_c
  • ridgee brownridgee brown Posts: 590Member
    Accepted Answer
    I am pretty sure your too young too move out by previous posts you have made but maybe get him involved with some obedience training with Saydi. Show him she isnt dumb and she can learn. If he starts doing some daily activities with saydi maybe he will turn around. Also get another adult involved! Someone of his same age needs to talk to him! It is absoultely horrible and he can't legally do it anyway so he would get in trouble! If worse comes to worse maybe it is best she stays with a good friend (of course you would still take care of her daily neccessities food, walks, etc)
  • Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
    Accepted Answer
    Start addressing his concerns. My post at will help if it is a housebreaking issue. For odor? Feed a decent chow and as little else as possible, seldom if ever bathe the dog, and brush it daily with a soft bristled brush. Avoiding urinating in her bed will help her odor too. Better leadership may help too. With somebody the right age in the family, 4-H dog training is a great idea. In my area, clubs form soon after the first of the year. Even many urban areas have 4-H. For info look in your phone book under government listings for extension or cooperative extension offices. Ask specifically about a dog or canine club. The dogs see all the people and dogs in the household as a pack with each having their own rank in the pack and a top dog. Life is much easier if the 2 legged pack members outrank the 4 legged ones. You can learn to play the role of top dog by reading some books or going to a good obedience class.
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    I know you love your dog sweetie, but it sounds like Saydi should go live with a relative or friend and that way she can be inside, and not be under threat of your dad. I really feel like this dog should be rehomed at this point. It wouldn't be a bad idea like I said if the dog was with someone that you could go visit her every day, and they could make sure she is taken care of. I don't think Saydi is safe right now there.
  • Amanda SmithAmanda Smith Posts: 114Member
    Accepted Answer
    awww =( sorry to hear you have a dad that isn't understanding. He can get in trouble for cruelty to animals if he does that though. I know how it feels to be a kid and your parents do something to your pet. I had a stray american bulldog I was taking care of for a month and fell in love with. My parents dumped him off on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere to get rid of him. I was horrified, crying, and begging for them to turn around and get him. Some people just don't see animals as anything more than property to get rid of when they're tired of em.' I think you should start trying to rehome her as well. She's a gorgeous puppy so I don't think you'll have a hard time finding someone that wants her. It'll be hard to let go but it's much better than her being murdered for things that aren't her fault. She's still a puppy and dogs don't train themselves or become well behaved over night. Really sorry you have to go through this. =(
  • Sarah GroteSarah Grote San AntonioPosts: 132Member
    Accepted Answer
    Thats soo horrible and I am sorry to hear about it, I have never had this kind of trouble but I know what it is like for my dad to say the dog is going, but to a shelter, and I have some suggestions for you, express your love for Saydi, let your dad know, clean up after her, ask is she could possibly be an outdoor dog, its way better than a dead one right? Ok so clean up her pee, and all the messes she makes, talk to your dad about it, just take care of her yourself so your dad doesnt have to do a thing, take over feeding and watering her, if you dont already do that, spend some time with her, and maybe it will help your dad see how much you love her. And then if he knows you have taken full responsibility over her, then it might change his mind, I wish you the best of luck!!! And I hope I could help. Dont worry just take care of what you can, and do the best you can...=) -Duchess
  • Alex KondosAlex Kondos TulsaPosts: 600Member
    Accepted Answer
    Is there an adult you can talk to about this? A school counselor? Teacher? Aunt or uncle? Your home might not be a great place for Saydi or you to live right now.
  • Kat RenardeKat Renarde Posts: 877Member
    Accepted Answer
    You sound like for now, you're stuck with your dad. For the smell he complains about maybe giving Saydi more frequent baths, or getting some doggy colognes or essential oils to rub into her fur. Maybe getting involved with something that would show him how smart she is? Doesn't even have to be a dog "sport" maybe training her to carry your bags, or bring you the newspaper or slippers. That way she'll have (in your dad's mind) some practical use. Obviously she means the world to you, some people just don't understand how important our dogs are to us. Good Luck!
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