Not really a question. Just kinda a post it/update.

So my brother pugsy passed away @ 3:30 this morning. Mommy said he passed away from a ruptured spleen and a tumor. I was kinda wondering why mommy was lifting up pugsy's lips and carrying him outside in a hurry. Who will i annoy now :(. Anywho's thought i would let everyone know. Pugsy will be missed LOTS

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  • janine gatojanine gato Posts: 39Member
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    Im so sorry for your loss. Mabe your mother was looking at the color of his gums? I think she carried him out in a hurry to spare you the pain. If you need to, there are books on bereavement for the loss of our pets,take a look at under subjects- bereavement. If you see a book you would like to read either you can buy it or your library can get it from another one if they dont have it. Make sure you get the exact title and author. Again so sorry for your loss.
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    Guest, I think Jazzy is posting from his POV. So sorry to hear about Pugsy. He's running free at the Bridge, waiting for you now.
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    Jazzy... so sorry to hear about your furbro. Tell your Mom we are thinking of her and we know Pugsy is up there with Lukie and all the others, running free of pain!!!
  • Michaela MccainMichaela Mccain BeebePosts: 846Member
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    I am very very very very SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY ABOUT PUGSY!!!!! We feel your pain..Snowflake died and she is missed alot, but just REMEMBER that Pugsy is only 1!! Whispher away.. and HE WILL BE MISSED!..I hope you play with Snowflake and we will never forget the ones who loved you sooo dearly...Im once again sorry aout Pugsy Jazzy, I hope you wil find someone to Annoy Lol.. LOVE DAGGER
  • Regina ShawhanRegina Shawhan Waynesville, OhioPosts: 512Member
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    Very sorry about your loss. Take comfort knowing you gave him the best life he could have. Run free Pugsy!
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
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    It is always to hard and to soon. My prayers go out to you and your family
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