what effect does rabbit poo with worms have on a dog who eats it - would it cause red bumps that pop

our holland lop bunnies had worms and my dog ate the poo and now there are bumps all over his body that are popping and some are oozing blood and getting infected - teh vet took samples and said skin cancer but it was too co-incidental that he ate the poo then the bumps appeared a week later - he gave me Cephalexin 750mg which isnt' really helping the infection and told me to consider putting him to down - he's 14 yers old - can the worms in the bunny poo be doing this?

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  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
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    nope. (As far as I know) bunny worms do not cause bleeding red bumps. It's hard to take, but I'd believe your vet and say it's coincidence about the bunny poop. Did they do a cytoscopy (where they take a sample and look at it under the microscope)? If they did, and he said it's cancer, he's right. If not, and he made the diagnosis with just a visual inspection, he could be wrong. Maybe try a second vet's opinion? After all, we here on Dogster are NOT vets, most of us have no formal medical training at all. I would take your vet's opinion over that of anonymous internet posters. In any case, your dog is probably suffering terribly, and if the drugs from the vet aren't helping, it might be kinder to let him go. 14 years is a long life for almost any dog. Skin cancer is a difficult diagnosis and all they can do is treat the symptoms not the cause once it's spread so far. I'm very sorry that you have to go through this, but think of what is best for him.
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