What are some home remedies for helping a dog stop itching?

Bri BBri B Posts: 1,300Member
My dog has outdoor and food allergies. Recently, the flowers and trees in our backyard starting blooming and ever since, he's just been an itching mess! He constantly licks his stomach and paws, and scratches his ears and face. Will a bath help to get the pollen off? Should I put a sock on his paw to keep him from licking? Any help would be great!

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  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
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    most allergies are food related. Try a different protein. Such as if you are feeding chicken go to a non poultry protein like beef or pork. Use a good shampoo to clean him but over bathing can also cause itching too. Most itching and licking is a bacteria or yeast. Stick with shampoos like Pet Promise and shampoos that have natural ingredients and less chemicals.
  • Theresa HomanTheresa Homan Posts: 646Member
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    A bath will help, but it will come back, and bathing too often will dry skin. My pit, had bad itching when I first got him. He couldn't even get a good nights rest because of it. The vet gave him meds for demodex, which ultimately killed off the mange, but he still itched insistantly. He too had the red tummy, licking his paws, ears and face. I felt so sorry for him. I called my vet, and he said to give him benedryl (using according to weight) I only gave it to him at night, as it would make him rest better. In the day hours, I constantly rubbed vitamin e-oil on him and all natural MSM lotion. I switched between the two, and it stopped the itching immediately. It is safe if licked off, but you will have to keep applying though. So until you figure out what is causing the allergy, the above mentioned will give your guy some relief. Call you vet about the benedryl though. Make sure it is safe for your breed. Mine do well on it, but Buckeye might not. Good luck!!
  • Kari McGirtKari McGirt CaryPosts: 49Member
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    OOh! What fun! Here's what I would try in your situation... I would get the Burt's Bee's "Baby Bee" shampoo. It has no alcohol or sulfates in it and doesn't dry their skin or irritate it. I would wash my pup and dry them with a towel. No hair dryer. I would get some gentle benedryl cream also for babies. Pet stores also sell sprays and creams that taste awful to dogs. Make sure you find one that can be applied directly to the dog's skin before you attempt to use it. I would see how the bath helps and if benedril cream doesn't help him rest a little, I would see if a local vet will give you benedril pills. Sometimes, giving them a kong toy with a pretzel in it or something will distract them and help them move onto something other than scratching and licking...
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
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    A bath will help, but not a cure. Like humans if the allergies get to bad you may have to get a vet check to help out with this. I have tryed alot of stuff and sometimes you just have to break down and do this to help them. I wish you the best, I am also fighting this right now.
  • Michelle BradleyMichelle Bradley CaliforniaPosts: 3,684Member
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    The sock is a good idea for a very mild irritation. If the paw is sore and red or oozing, then it's vet time. But if he's just not able to leave it alone, then by all means, get a baby sock for him. I use surgical tape (that white tape from the drugstore) and tape the cuff of the sock securely but not tightly and then roll down the cuff over the tape. That usually holds pretty well without taping the actual leg. I'd only do this at night or when you can't watch him because you don't want the paw to get too moist. You need it to have fresh air. If this is from contact allergies, then a bath will help greatly in the short term. The problem with a shampoo like Burt's Bees is two fold: 1) bees are all about pollen (!) and there's going to be pollen in trace amounts in any formula that contains bees wax or honey and 2) it's not formulated for dogs, who have a different pH balance and it will dry out/irritate the skin even more. Oatmeal doggie shampoo is a better choice. Good luck!
  • Sheena HendersonSheena Henderson Posts: 1,181Member
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    Have you check out www.mypetfection.com? Both their Deodorizer/Allergy Spray and Puppy Suds Shampoo are great at combating allergies and dry skin. I use them both and have seen less allergies in my pug. All their products are 100% Organic and Non Toxic so you can use them as often as needed.
  • m hm h Posts: 43Member
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    Switch an organic dry dog food or create home-cooked meals. You could also try natural remedies. I'm afraid putting a sock on him won't do much.
  • Angie HuserAngie Huser Noblesville, IndianaPosts: 645Member
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    Has your dog been tested for what food allergies he has? If you know the specifics, you must make sure that EVERYTHING he eats does NOT contain those ingredients. Generally speaking, a majority of food allergies are due to grains and the basic meats (chicken, beef, and lamb). May have to try grain-free and "exotic" meat based diets, like fish & sweet potato. As for outdoor allergies, was he tested for that too? Do you know exactly what he is allergic to? Some dogs are known for having skin "issues", and it may not be allergen related. Have you looked at his skin to see if it is just dry? Dry skin tends to "traumatize" dogs too. Bathing may or may not help, as it may make things worse by drying out the skin. You could put a baby sock over his paws, but it will need to be secured with vet or athletic tape. Socks and bathing will just mask the issues at hand, but not cure. The best thing to do is contact your vet and they may be able to get him some allergy meds.
  • MAUREEN HartMAUREEN Hart Posts: 1Member
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    I just ordered Skin-eze in the hopes that it will take care of my skin problem. I have been itching since the flea season started. My vet says I am having an allergic reaction although he could only find 1 flea on me. My home has been fogged just in case and I hope that the skin-eze works. I will let you know.
  • Jenn NunyaJenn Nunya La JollaPosts: 4,404Member
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    The best way to keep outdoor allergies at bay is a nice quick wipe down when coming indoors. Especially the feet. As for food allergies best bet is grain free and meats that are not "common". Kangaroo, venison, bison, rabbit, fish. That being said, every dog is different. Make sure the treats you give are grain free and "hypo allergenic" as well. You can get your dog tested by a vet to see what exactly your dog is allergic to. I mean some dogs are allergic to carpeting. You could be treating your dog for allergies he does not have. He could be allergic to your soap, your perfume, the laundry detergent you sue to wash his blankets or bed. I would be more than happy to help walk you through how to figure out, without a vet, what MAY be causing the issue feel free to p-mail me.
  • lue cranklue crank RavennaPosts: 3,566Member
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    * I Don't no WHY everyone says " DO NOT OVER BATHE " If that were the CASE our WATER & SNOW DOG BREEDS would be in BIG SKIN & PAW TROUBLE - Large or Small a DOGS SKIN is a DOGS SKIN - U can run to U'r VET & SPEND MILLIONS of DOLLARS just to find out WHAT U ALREADY NO - And that is that U'r DOG is ALLERGIC TO SOMETHING - BATHING OFTEN is ONLY BAD if U use ANY KIND OF SHAMPOO - GOOD COMMON SENSE tells U DOGS were NOT meant to have BATHES with SOAPS - THINK in the WILD - NOW THINK of how we take Care of them & FEED them in this Day & Time in a DOMESTIC Way - Its ALL about their Immune SYSTEMS - Yes U'r Vet may be able to tell U WHAT KIND of ALLERGY U'r Dog has ( Food, Pollen ect. ) & TREAT it with a LOT of HARSH MEDICATIONS - BUT if U take MORE of a INVENTORY of its SURROUNDING,LIVING AREAS & FOOD U Feed U can HELP U'r Dog BETTER & MORE NATURALLY WITHOUT HARSH MEDICATION with ONLY a few NATURAL HOUSEHOLD ITEMS that are SAFE for U'r Dog - For MORE Information Contact me -
  • sandra gerkinsandra gerkin Posts: 1Member
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    My Shitzu for 2 years had to go to the vet every and I mean every 2 months for a shot for allergies. Since I started feeding her Purina One Beyond all natural w/ NO WHEAT OR CORN she hasn`t had a shot now in 4 mo.
  • Robin GarlandRobin Garland HoustonPosts: 2,420Member
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    My silky terrier Truffles suffered for years with itching & her vet gave her Prednisone to help....but I started giving her Veterinarian's Best Itch & Shed Relief. It is a liquid (also in pill form) that I put on her food. She loved it and spent the last 3 years of her life off the meds; no more itching!! I do not work for either Vets Best or PetSmart. But PetSmart is where I bought mine. You can also purchase from www.vetsbest.com. I hope this helps. BTW also some grains in the food will cause dry skin & promote shedding. A high protein food is the best!!
  • E- BasabeE- Basabe Posts: 117Member
    Accepted Answer
    I imagine a bath would help remove the pollen. I've read that if you put a sock full of oatmeal under the faucet and let it filter into the water, it's soothing to puppy's skin. Also: adding a nip of olive oil to the food will help with dry or itchy skin. Waya itched like mad the first 2 days we brought him home. I started brushing him three times a day (to help with dander) and added olive oil to his meals. His coat has a sheen now that it didn't have before - and no more itching! I've found that most things can be cured with subtle changes in diet (for 2-leggers and 4-leggers alike) so it might not be a bad idea to start w/small diet changes. As has already been suggested, it's also probably a good idea to get an allergy profile done at the vet - or maybe even just call your vet and ask how much Benadryl is a good idea for a dog his size. Best of luck!! Hope Buckeye is feeling better soon.
  • Jessica BrandonJessica Brandon Coral Springs FL , Fort LauderPosts: 5Member
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    Just like when you had chicken pox and your parents gave you a colodial oatmeal bath, I recommend doing this for your baby. Our Hairless Terrier is VERY sensitive to changes in season and will get pimples and be very itchy (and the scratching makes him raw). He gets oatmeal baths when it gets bad, and they seem to help immensely (he stops chewing his feet and the redness dissapates). Plus you get a bunch of packets in the box! I also agree with other posters, check his diet too! -ALSO- I was told by my vet that Childrens Benadryl can be administered when it gets REAL bad, so check with you vet if yours can use it as well. SIDE NOTE: I bathe our AHT with Sauve - Free And Clear Tear Free Kids Body Wash. No added dyes or harsh perfume. Maybe try washing Buckeye with a kids shampoo. =) BEST OF LUCK! I KNOW THE ITCHING SUCKS! =(
  • way cway c Posts: 10Member
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    "I bought the Skin-eze treatment pack a couple of months ago for my 3 year old dog who has been having skin problems since he was about a year old. The spray included in the treatment pack made his itch worse and the capsules did not help at all even after going through the 360capsule bottle and the 120capsule bottle. The smell of the capsule is very strong therefore he would not eat it and I had to force it down his throat everyday hoping it'd improve his condition. He is still the same after the treatment. It is extremely disappointing after what I put myself and my dog through and the money spent. I hope you'd improve your product because the capsules did not work on my friend's dog either" That was what I wrote on Allergicpet.com's facebook page and my comment got deleted and I was blocked to comment further. I emailed them before regarding my product experience and they did not reply either. I will never deal with them again nor recommend them to anyone.
  • Ed FarrellEd Farrell New RochellePosts: 65Member
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    Talk to your vet first to rule out any serious skin conditions. Try adding some cod liver oil to Buck's diet
  • Kendall DickensonKendall Dickenson Posts: 260Member
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    Get some salmon oil and put this on your dogs food, I have a Yorkie that has bad allergies licking and chewing her feet itching all the time with in a month with salmon oil daily she stopped. Also what food are you feeding? if you are feeding something you can buy at Walmart then chances are the food is not helping. Now the pollen Im not sure how to help that but maybe keep him inside more.
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