Pit Bull Attack

Bob RedwitzBob Redwitz Summerville, SCPosts: 1Member
Monday afternoon my wife came back from walking our Miniature Daschund, and Minature Schnauzer. She was standing in our yard both dogs on leashes when a Pit Bull came out of nowhere and attacked our dogs. The Daschund was killed, the Schnauzer seriously injured but will survive. The same dog attacked two other dogs before it was captured. My wife and I are devastated.I am a lover of all animals especially dogs. I know there are Pit Bulls that are loving and wonderfull dogs. What causes something like this? This dog lives in a townhome and inside. His owners claim he has never shown any aggressiveness toward any person or animal. The odd thing about these attacks is at no time did the Pit Bull attempt to attack a person even when I kicked it to get it to release my Daschund it went around me an attacked my Schnauzer. See: http://www.live5news.com/Global/story.asp?S=14076085

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  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Posts: 7,383Member
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    Oh my, I am so sorry this happened. It's not really an odd thing at all that the dog did not attempt to attack a person. Aggression towards dogs and aggression towards people are 2 completely different things. One does not automatically include the other, in other words. Plus historically pits were bred to be dog-aggressive but human-friendly (how else were dog-fighters supposed to grab their dogs out of the ring). Not knowing the history of the dog and its owner, it is hard to say. The dog may have always been dog-aggressive but the owner either ignored it or didn't realize it (many people ignore their pets behaviors until something bad happens). Or perhaps since these are small breed dogs it was a case of high prey drive and maybe they looked like prey from a distance. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that the incident was reported to Animal Control so that the owner is made to take responsibility for not following leash laws in your area and causing this horrible situation.
  • Cassie RCassie R Posts: 7,413Member
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    It's not the dog, it's the owner. The law says to keep your dog under control at all times, the dog shouldn't be running loose in the first place. The owner may not be telling the truth and the dog could be aggressive or maybe the dog had never been tested around other dogs and this is what caused the dog to attack. No dog is a bad dog, only bad owners. I'm so sorry to hear about your dogs and the other dogs, I'll be praying for them.
  • Tod KnudsenTod Knudsen MovillePosts: 3,793Member
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    I am very sorry for your loss. I can not imagine what you are going through. I agree with the last post of it is the owners not the dog.
  • Rhayden PhoenixRhayden Phoenix LevittownPosts: 335Member
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    I would go to animal control first report this to them then go to the police and tell them about it then go to the owner and tell them if their dogs that are non aggression attacks your dog again you are going to shoot it dead. you have every right to protect your animals by what ever means you have to and if this means deadly force so be it. And make sure the owner knows this as does the police and animal control. I would also have the owner(s) of the dog pay for any vet bills if they will not comply to either pay for vet bills tell them you will sue them for the death of your one dog and the bills their dogs cuases your other dog or YOU WILL make sure their dogs never do another attack and don't say any more they will ask tell them you will take care of their dogs the way their dogs did your dogs.
  • Cheyanne MijoCheyanne Mijo Posts: 43Member
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    I am sorry, but you cannot blame the dog. Tiny fluffy things might look like squirrels, birds and toys to a dog, especially one with such a hhigh prey drive. You shouldnt say it was a pit bull, unless you have proof, however. If the dog was not raised around little dogs, it might have not seen them as equal. Also, the small dogs may have been staring it down or barking and yapping.
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