how long is menstral cycle

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at what age does a female bishon stop having her cycle? Is 9years old too late to have her fixed

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    Technically dogs don't get menstrual cycles, they get estrus (AKA "heat"). Just saying. ^^; Definitely not too late, but something you may want to inquire about is the possibility of how well she'll handle the anesthesia.
  • Rhayden PhoenixRhayden Phoenix LevittownPosts: 335Member
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    I thought a dog will have a heat till they are in the ground. maybe I am wrong M..... yup I agree to the vet or call you vet or you can look it up on the net. Rhayden
  • Linda MatthewsLinda Matthews Plain cityPosts: 6,859Member
    Accepted Answer
    she may never stop. they don't go through menopause. but sometimes they can get a prolapse uterus or infection and then you have to do a spay.
  • Anna WalkerAnna Walker Posts: 12Member
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    not too late to have her fixed, but as it was said already, check with the vet about the anesthesia. There are a lot more precautions to take with an older dog and surgery.
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