Would an agreement over facebook and e-mails over pick of the litter hold up in small claims court i

I aloud a young lady to use my male Pomeranian as stud for two of her females, with the agreement of me getting pick of the litter from both after I signed the litter registration for the first litter she no loner kept in contact with me,I have all the conversations we had about the agreement from the start on facebook and in e-mails even her sending me a contract to sign saying she will give me the money for one puppy that sold and the puppy from the second litter. will this hold up in small claims court??

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    I would ask a lawyer.
  • Carol PodrazaCarol Podraza Round LakePosts: 151Member
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    While a legal advice hotline is your best bet - small claims courts sometimes have a lower level of proof needed. Email / Facebook has been used successfully in courts in other things from similar cases to divorces. I'd say if you have written proof that she agreed to give you pick of the litter and she did not follow through, you'd have a good case. I would send her a registered letter via US Mail letting her know that if she does uphold your "verbal" agreement by reimbursing you monetarily that you will take her to court. Keep records of each step so if you decide to go to court you can show you took every step necessary. You provided a service that she did not pay for - could be considered theft in some places. Good luck. Hopefully this will be a lesson for the future. She sounds like a backyard breeder - not a hobby breeder and you need to be careful.
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