Can we put two cats in a single carrier?

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We're traveling from California to Texas and while we've made the trip before, both cats are a bit cramped in the carriers we have now. They can both get up and turn arround, but we were thinking they might be calmer and more comfortable if they could stay together in one larger carrier. Just wondering if that's a good idea or not and if they'll be safe in a larger carrier for the car trip.

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham TokyoPosts: 8,724Member
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    I've done it myself when going to cat shows. Get a bigger carrier, and, if necessy, add cool plastic bottles to keep them from overheating. However, it also depends on the relationship of the pets. If they like each other, putting them in the same carrier can actually be kind. If they DON'T like each other--use two carriers. You're traveling by car--you can do either option. I haul my cats around to cat shows via train, and having cats who get along well enough to be together in the proper-sized carrier helps. Study your cats' relationships, and then think about one carrier or two.
  • Heidi HessenHeidi Hessen Acworth/KennesawPosts: 975Member
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    Mama got a big (well, it was for us) dog carrier so she could easily take Sparky and I to the vets at one time. It wasn't HUGE, but there was enough room for us to get by each other. We also used it for trips to visit gramma and grampa (it was roughly a 2 hour drive). No problems were encountered. And on the drive we were allowed to cruise around the car if we wanted to (papa drove and mama watched us). Good luck with your travells!
  • Michelle MayoMichelle Mayo New LiakeardPosts: 276Member
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    It is definetly possible. You just need to make sure they are both comfortable in the carrier, have room to move around, etc. Personally I wouldn't do it, simply because my one cat gets car sick...but if your two cats are ok with it then i say go for it.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzPosts: 3,914Member
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    It's generally best to leave them separated but if you are going to put them together make sure you have another carrier available in case there is a fight or they just need their own space. NEVER allow your cats to roam free in the car. Besides the possibility of getting caught under your feet while driving, if there is an accident and they are thrown form the car they will most definitely go missing and their injuries can be more severe.
  • Cady CalamityCady Calamity Posts: 214Member
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    Like Leila said, it really depends on the relationship between the cats. I know I cry incessantly when my mommy takes me places without my sister, Mieke. Mieke and I have such a close bond that she's my security blanket. Mommy always lets us ride together in one carrier, and we fall fast asleep together. I don't like Binx as much as I like Mieke though, so mommy has a separate carrier just in case. I have claws and Binx doesn't, so mommy doesn't want to risk the truce we've formed by confining us too close. She doesn't want me to hurt her. But a pretty good indicator is whether or not your kitties sleep together regularly. If they do, they should be ok together.
  • Ace AtturaAce Attura NY DC and DEPosts: 90Member
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    You need to factor in the comfort level too -- two cats in one carrier could become two HOT cats -- how will you handle the stress, the panting and the need to move around and stay cool? I would opt for one cat per carrier -- so they can turn around, and have better air flow, and be much less stressed. And a puppy pee pad in each carrier is also a tremendous help. Secure it carefully so the cat doesn't wrinkle it into one place in the carrier when s/he moves around. A comfortable-fitting quick release collar with tags is also a great idea-- and so is microchipping. Will this be a one day trip? I fnot, since you have made this trip bfore, I guess you know where the pet-friendly hotels are. Best of luck to all - have a safe and happy trip!
  • Deb SmithDeb Smith RowleyPosts: 13,828Member
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    I and my furry brother BooBoo always used to go in the month of April for our check ups at the vet and did fine together in the carrier together!!
  • CHo MeirCHo Meir Takoma ParkPosts: 1Member
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    We are three cats and we all travel. Two of us cats always ride in the same carrier. Yes, it's a but less space for us, but it is a comfort to both and keeps us calm. I rides alone because that's what keeps me calm (I always wants to play with my brother and sister) and being alone puts me right to sleep). In the end The MaMa does what is best for us, not just her and we adore her for it.
  • Calico Junction SanctuaryCalico Junction Sanctuary Virginia (Shenandoah Valley)Posts: 111Member
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    My Humans traveled on airlines overseas with two kitties in tow. They seemed more at ease when having a companion to travel with. Check with the airline before you go. With two little kittens, they take one look, have never been refused. Having a Sanctuary, dealing with many personalities, carrier companions, is a plus. First time Vet visit, a must. Do a test ride in your neighborhood first. Have a spare carrier just in case. Traveling and spending nights in motels will be a breeze when you have a companion carrier in tow. If two cats spend time sleeping together, they will more then likely share a carrier. We have several who are upset if they don't have a carrier companion. Two have gone, when only one needs to visit the Vet. If they are very ill it helps to calm them. Always select an airline approved sm/med carrier. Pay more for a case that's stronger and more reliable. Soft and hard cases are available. I say yes, go for it. Kitties travel with ease.
  • Jamie SkorupskiJamie Skorupski Au TrainPosts: 1Member
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    My husband and I traveled from Hawaii to Michigan, and we had both of our cats in one carrier, they were both fine and had plenty of room, they are both 15 lbs each. Also the airline had to problem with it
  • deb kruegerdeb krueger Posts: 1Member
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    yes I think it would be fine if they are used to be together. would be nice company rather than trying to get to each other in seperate cages
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