Need info on traveling with my cat in a car.

I'm going to be moving 14 hours away from my home in a few months. I have never traveled this long of a distance with a cat and want to know what I need to do to make her comfortable. Like I said this is probably going to be a 14 hr trip so my main concern is what about her using the litter box? At home she usually uses the litter box every couple of hours. So do I need a large crate that can fit her litter box in it? The next concern is that she hates riding in a car. The longest trip we have taken was 1 hr and she didn't stop freaking out. I have to keep her calm so she doesn't aggrivate her medical issues. Is there something I can give her or do to help her stay calm? Maybe something to keep her cool. She is a persian and just going to the vet she pants(I don't know if that might be stress). Let me know what I need for a trip like this.

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  • Paulina AldrichPaulina Aldrich Posts: 12Member
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    My kittens have never had an issue in the car as long as they're in the seat next to me and have cold air on them. I just have them both in one crate and put a few toys in them as well and when I stop at a gas station or somewhere else I give them time to eat and drink and use the litter box. I wouldn't be concerned with getting a crate large enough to put the litter box in as long as you make stops every 2-3 hours. Try getting her to associate the crate with good things. Like when she goes in the crate without a hassle give her praises and treats. Also, have you considered maybe getting her hair shaved or cut by a professional groomer before you leave to help so that she won't get hot in the car ride? I hope I helped some. Take care and good luck with moving!
  • kathy lulejiankathy lulejian phillyPosts: 16Member
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    Before I offer any of my sage advice to you regarding traveling with your cat, Alarms went off as I read your question. You said you have to keep her calm so as to not aggrevate her medical issues. So my first recomendation is a trip to the Vet to get clearance for a 14 hr trip for Boo Bear. The vet will be the best person to say whether or not Boo should have "Something" to help her stay calm. A lot will depend on your cat's age too which I didn't see mentioned. You also don't mention if this is a trip with just you and Boo or if there is another person going on this trip with you. My cats all hate the car, but if my husband is driving then I can devote all my attention on whomever is unfortunate enough to be in the car. The panting on the way to the vet is most likely stress/fear. I would try short trips in the car, just a 15-20 minute ride then home and some treats for being a good baby. for the big trip i would maybe do it in 2 days not 1. would be less stressful for both of you.
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