Any suggestions for leash training a puppy?

We have a Brustese puppy (Maltese/Brussels Griffon). We've been trying to leash train him, but it's not going very well. He's 10 weeks--is it too soon? The problems are this: he resists the leash, and I don't want to pull on him in fear of hurting his little neck. When he DOES walk he either runs off to the side or in front of me. I've tried holding a treat in my hand to get him to walk beside me, but he just sees that I'm not going to give the treat to him right away and goes on frolicking. Any suggestions for leash training a puppy?

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  • Sunnie ReaginSunnie Reagin AustinPosts: 13Member
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    I also just got a puppy, so I'm no expert, but she's only eight weeks old and we've had her for only four days and she's already great on the leash. I think the most important thing is using a harness and not a collar. I can't think of many situations actually where a collar would be preferred over a harness- I'm surprised people even use them! A harness is like 500% more comfortable for the dog and allows you to pull them without hurting them at all. So what we do, step by step, is hold her in our arms, attach the leash to the top of the harness, and then immediately put her on the ground and give her a treat. We then walk outside and allow her to choose to follow us maybe with a little pull... she then gets another treat after walking a few feet. After walking for a few minutes she gets another. Another big thing is trying to make the walk as fun as possible so she wants it. Along with treats we pet her, hug her, sit on the ground with her, let her play with leaves, explore, etc.
  • Lori VierecklLori Viereckl SycamorePosts: 47Member
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    I just got a foster dog(Silky Terrier/Shitzu) last week, being from a puppy mill, Everything is new to him. "Benji" had no idea how to walk on a leash, so I attached the leash to him and let him wander around the house. After a while with my 2 dogs we went for a walk. I had to pick him up a few times, he was so scared, but we went slow and didn't try to force him. He LOVES going for walks now.
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