What breeds do not shed and are okay for those with allergies? Looking for a small dog that would b

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No young children in the home. Don't want a noisy dog, either. Thanks

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  • Sheena HendersonSheena Henderson Posts: 1,181Member
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    You might check out a Yorkie. They don't shed, are small, and all the one's I have known are quiet and don't 'yap.'
  • Sunnie ReaginSunnie Reagin AustinPosts: 13Member
    Accepted Answer
    Boston Terriers are great for this situation. They barely shed, need little grooming, are pretty small, don't make a lot of noise, do well in apartments, and get along with everyone. They're very sweet and loyal to their owners as well. Like any other puppy, this sweetness and loyalty can create a little bit of sadness when they are left alone so they're not the best pets to be left at home for say, eight hours, especially as puppies. I'm having to teach mine to be independent and not whine when I go away, even for 30 minutes, but she's a puppy and I'm told that even though it's a pain, she will grow out of it. If you don't want to deal with any noise or messiness, get an adult because as puppies they just naturally behave this way while they're in training.
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