Are 2 dogs better than 1?

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We have a 15 month old female alaskan malamute and are thinking of getting another alaskan malamute male puppy because we think she will be happier to have a friend. Do you think it matters to the dog if she has a friend or not?

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  • Saara FrenchSaara French Posts: 166Member
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    Chase has been an only dog as long as we've had her until just recently when we adopted a kitty. As long as you're not keeping her cloistered away from other dogs (doggy play dates, dog park trips, training classes, etc) she's probably fine. Dogs are social creatures, but they can lead full, happy lives being an only dog just as easily as they can by having a live-in playmate. If you want a second dog for you, by all means. But don't get a second dog because you think your first needs a friend.
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    Never get another dog to be a companion for an existing dog. You get a second dog because you, as the person, want one & can afford to have one. Two dogs are three times the work of one, but quadruple the love. Your 15 month old gal is on the brink of adolescence. This will be an exhausting time and can go on until 2 or 3 years old. Dogs can be "only" dogs & thrive. I advise waiting until you've made it through the teen phase with your first & then revisit the issue when you know what you're facing.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysPosts: 15,800Member
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    They say that two dogs are three times the work. As someone who's had two dogs, I say it's true.
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