My dog is chewing up the backyard! Help!

Bree NygrenBree Nygren sacramentoPosts: 37Member
My dog is mostly inside but when he is outside he chews everything up! He has chewed very expensive things up! How do I stop him from chewing? He is crate trained but sometimes we have to go places for more than 2 hours so we put him in the backyard.

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  • OzfozzOzfozz OshawaPosts: 9,366Member ✭✭
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    How much exercise is he getting? From the sounds of your other posts, he's a high energy mix of breeds. Maybe increase his exercise before going out? Crate him whenever you are not home - including if you are gone for more than 2 hours (hopefully that's not longer than 8 hours). While he wont be able to get any exercise in the crate, it is the safest place for him to be. Dogs can dig out of their yards, harm themselves, or get stolen when left in a yard alone for that length of time.
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    I agree, he sounds bored!! I would also suggest crating when ever you leave him. At 10 months, he should be good for at least 5 hours crated, and, if you will be longer perhaps hire a dog walker to come in and let him get a bit of exercise. I also do not believe it is safe for a multitude of reasons to leave him alone in the back yard. Not only is he bored silly, but he can easily come to harm by eating something he digs up and ending up with an intestinal blockage, in addition to the things the previous poster mentioned.
  • Jenna DradyJenna Drady ottawaPosts: 1,141Member
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    I agree with the other posters, he sounds bored, some breeds...some dogs need a ton of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise......make sure you are doing training session with him throughout the day......keep him in a crate when you are not home, things can happen outdoors when you are not there! Keep training short and sweet sessions through the day. Exercise exercise exercise!! A tired dog is a good dog!
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