Hovering breeder, help?

Recently I bought a male dog from a reputable breeder and was very happy with the decision I made. However, the breeder I bought the dog from is anti-neuter/spay and she keeps sending me emails about how it is detrimental to a dog's health to neuter/spay them. I am moving into a new place in a few weeks where all pets must be fixed and I don't know how to approach the breeder about the topic and tell her that I will have to neuter the dog. Any advice?


  • Heather HicksHeather Hicks Posts: 3Member
    I few things that you might want to consider first. When you bought your dog did you become the sole owner or is the breeder still a co-owner? If the breeder still partially owns the dog they still have some say over what happens to it. You might also want to check your contract if the breeder had you sign one. It is possible that there may have been something in it to prevent you from spaying/neutering your dog. If neither of those is an issue, or even if they are, I would politely explain to the breeder how much you love the dog and that in order to be able to keep it you will have to neuter the dog. If one of the above topics is an issue I would ask for their permission. If not, then I wouldn't. You might want to add something about wishing that you didn't have to, but that you don't really have any other option in this situation. Alternately, I don't know if you have checked into or not, but you might try and get an exception from your landlord. Good luck!
  • Betty MortonBetty Morton Houston, TexasPosts: 1Member
    Just don't tell her. You own the dog and if you don't plan to breed him it is the right thing to do.
  • Jonathan LovettJonathan Lovett Posts: 13Member
    Change your email or just do it
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