How Can i get my AHT to stop eating his clothes??

Hi my name is Remi and I am a 1.5 yr old American Hairless Terrier!! And i LOVE eating my clothes and bedding every chance i get!! Well I live in Chicago so in the winter it gets really really cold!! I dont know what to do to stop me from eating my clothes!! I really love my clothes i run at my mom when she picks it up and dive into it and i even help her put them on by lifting my legs and putting in the arm and leg holes but i just cant help myself!!! what should me and mommy do to make me stop?!?!

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    You can try spraying them with Bitter Apple. It works for some dogs, but not all. You can also work on the command "Leave It". Every time he/she starts to chew on them, tell him to Leave it. If he stops, give him a treat. It's something you have to be very persistent with for it to work. I taught Koby not to chew his plush toys that way. Now he just licks them.
  • Carlyn JeffersonCarlyn Jefferson Posts: 254Member
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    Koby answered it very well. Try the bitter apple spray or even sprinkling a little cayenne pepper on it. Start "Leave it" command with something other than clothes... Try starting with one of his favorite toys. Make him sit, show his toy to him and say "leave it". If he goes for it, tell him "no" and take it away. If he leaves it alone, tell him good boy and give him a treat... Remember, don't let him get away with "half-way", when you say "good boy" he should NOT jump up and grab the toy, he should leave it alone until you say "ok" Once the toy is mastered, move onto the clothes. Try getting him to be a pro and drop a treat by him, telling him "leave it". If you can master "leave it", it could keep him out of trouble...beyond chewing his clothes. What if you're on a walk and pass by some delicious garbage... Sorry for rambling ;) I hope Remi can learn to live in his clothes, not eat them!
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