How can I keep my bischon frise in my apartment without getting evicted? They say no pets b

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  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    Landlords usually restrict the ownership of pets in their property because of past acts from irresponsible tenents. I have seen the damage dogs have done to property...walls and doorways chewed, carpets ruined, and worse. It is one thing if you own the home, but when someone else owns it, restricting pets in the only way they have to protect their property from this type of damage. Sadly, until more people watch their pets and prevent them from causing this type of damage, more and more landlords are going to restrict their appartments to pets. I expect you most likely knew there was a no dog restriction when you moved in, and frankly, the only way around that I see is to look for a pet friendly apartment somewhere else. Until then, I would suggest you have your dog live somewhere else to avoid further problems.
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    If there was a no pet policy in place when you moved in, or got the puppy then you would have no leg to stand on. I sensed a "but" coming in your cut-off question. If you are even remotely thinking of looking for a loophole by calling your dog a service dog think again. Reposting your original question using the expanded text box may help us more.
  • Rhayden PhoenixRhayden Phoenix LevittownPosts: 335Member
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    My question is why would you rent a apartment that had a no pets policy?? Someone is bound to tell you have a dog, they will hear it bark or see you walk it I assume you walk it outside and not use that fake dirt or is it grass stuff. I don't know why you would do this it is not responsible on your part to rent a place thinking you could sneak it in. I think you have two options one move to place that is pet friendly or 2 find the dog a home I am not harsh here but you shouldn't of did this in the first place. Rhayden
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    Check your lease for a pet policy if there is none then you're fine. Appeal to your Landlords humanity and show that your dog is a small non-distructive breed and that you're willing to pay the cost if anything should happen in the apt caused by your dog even if you have sign to it and even offer to pay an additional $10-15.00 a month to keep him in the apt. In todays economy most landlords do not want to lose a problem free tenant especially based on something that is really doable. Mangement may not be the best to go to first unless you know them as animal lovers, after all it is the owners last word that matters. My sister had that problem but $10.00 a month later the problem was gone and they live very happily in a building which now accepts small dogs. PS, you may also want to appeal to your nieghbors and have a petition signed, hopefully your cutie is well behaved and liked:)Best of Luck


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