Best way to restrain a dog in car that doesn't fit his crate?

Hello, I have an 8 month old Aussie who I take everywhere with me. Unfortunately I have a sedan so his crate doesn't fit. I tried what I thought was the best next thing: Solvit dog harness. It used to work great until my Aussie figured out just where to bite it to disconnect. I bought one more of these harnesses and sprayed it with bitter apple. On the way to the dog beach I had him in his harness and thinking he was restrained lowered the windows a little (my fault I should have known better) so he could get the ocean breeze. That's when I saw his two little dog feet go out the window in the rear view mirror. I immediately stopped, luckily the other cars on this busy hwy did too. He ran straight for me, luckily only a few scratches but that's when I noticed he managed to chew through this harness too! I'm not sure if he fell or jumped but from the scratches on his face he definitely landed face first. So now I kept windows shut but still don't know how to restrain him. Thank you!

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  • Carlyn JeffersonCarlyn Jefferson Posts: 254Member
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    If you can't get him to be calm with the restraint harness, I can only think of the last resort being to muzzle him while riding. Personally, when I take my dogs in a car their kennels won't fit, I teach them to sit or lay when in the vehicle. It can take a while, but keep working at it with a firm but gentle hand. I don't have any experience with the restraining harnesses, like I say, but ultimately try working with him on getting used to the harness. Buckle him up, sit in the drivers seat, but don't go anywhere. Reward him when he's calm, give him a sharp "Shhhht" or "No" if he freaks or bites. Best wishes!
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    I would suggest a truck for your next car with a separate back cabin. In the meantime, there are car seat boxes with latches that you can purchase, I believe by outward hound. I have never had to buy one because my animals have been well-behaved, but I have a sense that he does not have enough chew toys or that he has some behavior issues in general because he should understand "no" and "leave it". Instead of taking him around "everywhere", more time should be spent training him for safety purposes. If you were going 40 miles an hour when the dog bailed, it would have been a lot more than light road burns. Your dog is a working dog and it's good that he's active, but it's in both of your best interests to get through this teenage dog phase unscathed. When it's not hot out, train him how to act in the parked car with treats... with something that he really likes (for example, peanut butter something), and go from there. Safety first (you want him to be around for a while)!! ^_^


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