Will a gravity feeder make my dog fat?

I have a 5-year-old Doberman that "grazes" only when he is hungry. I also have a 16-year-old beagle who gets fed twice a day. The Doberman's bowl is elevated and out of reach of the beagle. I am trying out a gravity feeder for the beagle to 1) see if she can learn how to eat from it, and 2) see if she pigs out all day long or if she will start to "graze" like the Doberman.


  • Jenna MacWhirterJenna MacWhirter CalgaryPosts: 23Member
    At that age, if she's been a scheduled feeder her whole life, I would think that she'd consider it an all-you-can-eat buffet and probably eat more. I wouldn't change it on her at this point, honestly. It's easy for them to graze, yes, but she's 16, and a senior dog! It's awful to think about, but she likely doesn't have many years left, and this is probably an unnecessary stress on an old body like hers. It's not like a puppy, where if they get a little overweight, no big deal, you adjust their food intake and work it out. A 16yo dog who gets fat could deveolop health problems they might not recover from because of their advanced age.
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