How often can I bath my Yorkie

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  • Carlyn JeffersonCarlyn Jefferson Posts: 254Member
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    It really depends a lot on how oily his/her coat is, and what kind of shampoo you use. If you use something that really degreases (like Dawn. It's gentle on the skin, but gets rid of all the oils) and deodorizes, I'd say once a month is fine, If you use a super gentle organic shampoo (I LOVE Pal Dog products), then you can bathe every 2 weeks. It doesn't degrease very well tho, so sometimes I add a bit of Dawn to it. I'd advise using a conditioner as well, it'll make the fur extra soft ;) Bathing also depends on diet. If he gets a super quality diet, he might only need a bath every couple months (my Aussie/kelpie has never gotten a bath because he stinks, it's always just to clean the dirt) If bath time is too stressful or shampoo too harsh for more than once monthly treatments, you can get freshening sprays and foams also. My favorite is to mix equal parts cornstarch and baking soda, then add a few drops essential oil. You rub it in, wait 10min, brush out. Works GREAT! ^_ ^


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