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Can a service dog in training have to wear a vest and do i have to carry anything proving that shes

bre grrbre grr würzburgPosts: 9Member
My dog roxy just passed her canine good citizens test bout a week ago. She already has a vest but its getting patches soed on so she cant wear it for a few days but i want to train her tomorrw for public access training. Do i have to carry proof that shes a service dog in training? If so what should i bring? ( i have all of the classes paperwork she went through and the paperwork on cgc test that she passed.

Best Answers

  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
    Accepted Answer
    More important is whether or not your state allows access rights to SDITs and whether or not they require you to be accompanied by a trainer if they do allow SDITs access. Federal SD laws ONLY apply to SDs, not SDITs. My state (NH) does not give any access rights to SDITs, therefore all public access training has to be done at pet friendly places such as Pet stores and other places that routinely allow pets in their place of business, or places where you have actually been invited. There is no paperwork that can legally be required for either SDITs OR for actual SDs. If your state allows SDITs you have the same rights as anyone with a SD, and can also be denied access for the same reasons, i.e. unruly behavior or eliminating in the place of business, or failure to have your dog under control at all times. You cannot be asked to leave for failure to wear a vest OR failure to have "papers" since there are none required by law.
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
    Accepted Answer
    We live in a high-retiree area in the South unlike Toto, and people down here are not as high strung or cold, and usually do not ask or care for paperwork, regardless of what kind. If they did, it's doubtful they'd be cognizant of specific acronym definitions or governing bodies. Old people down here buy fake creds and vests on the net so they can take their purse dogs with them into the supermarket. That does not mean that you shouldn't carry the proper paperwork with you anyway, just in case. People who are allergic to animals can get very particular about their rights, and legally if it's a person/dog contest, the human will win. Woof to the world... ^_^
  • Laurie MurdockLaurie Murdock Posts: 23Member
    Accepted Answer
    A service dog is considered medical equipment just like a wheelchair or other aid for any disabled person. It is the disabled person, NOT the dog who is allowed access thru the American's with Disabilities Act, and if push comes to shove, if you are legally designated as disabled it doesn't matter if another patron has allergies to your dog, you are entitled to admission into the facility and if it ends up in court, you will win. It is up to the business to provide safe access both to the allergic person AND the disabled person who is using a service dog. You DO NOT need nor are you required to carry ANY paperwork...there is no certification process. The only requirement is that you are documented as medically disabled by your physician and can show that documentation in a court of law should that be necessary. Carrying that with you is not ever required, nor is a vest or other identification for you OR your dog. Service Dogs in Training, however, are NOT covered by the ADA.


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