I have a neighbor who continually feeds my dog cooked chicken bones! What do I do?

Shanon DavisShanon Davis Spokane, WAPosts: 1Member
I have asked her multiple times to not do it & informed her of the dangers. Yet, just yesterday I caught her doing it again?! I'm wondering if there is any legal action I can take? She's going to kill my dog!

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    If you can not keep your dog in your yard then you do not have any legal recourse. If your dog goes onto someone else's property and gets shot, it's considered the dog's fault for trespassing. You NEED to find a way to contain your own dog, whether by building a fence or more training. However, if you let your dog wander around without supervision, this is one of the many dangers unless you live in a rural area. The only recourse you have is if this person is coming onto your property to feed your dog, and you catch her on a timestamped videotape. Then you can get her for trespassing and get a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter. If she disobeys and you can prove it, she will be fined and you can file a restraining order. Again, you can ONLY do this if she comes onto your property. Good luck ^_^
  • Sandra DacostaSandra Dacosta BrontePosts: 44Member
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    Maybe that's what she wants - try not to allow your dog to be anywhere near her. Before allowing your dog outside the door, just go around and check to ensure there is nothing he can pick up. If there's no fencing, then install a removable pen that you can fold, etc. when you bring him inside, either when you go to work, go out or at night. Maybe a pen with a covering/shelter that she can't throw something in there. Don't ask her not to give your animal anything, tell her not to. Obviously, she doesn't care if he becomes sick, so maybe just let her know that RSPCA takes a dim view of people feeding dogs chicken bones, especially knowing it's dangerous.
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