How can I improve my dog's walking?

I have a 6 month old Australian Terrier that is really afraid of walking outside. I have noticed that she is not entirely scared of the outside but of the noises that surround her. I have walked her outside at night and she is perfectly fine with her tail up until a car passes by or any other loud noise. I have tried walking her throughout the day but as soon as I walk out my door she lays on the floor and heads straight back home. I have tried treats but she completely rejects them. She has gone to dog parks and plays but stops and tries to find an exit when a loud noise is made while the others continue on to play. I have taken her on walks with my brother's 5 month old Vizsla and she walks extremely well compared to how she walks with me on her own but, still stops and freezes when there is loud noises. I have also tried staying on my porch for 30 minutes to 1 hour 3 times a week but she shows no sort of improvement. I would really appreciate any sort of tips. Thank you!


  • Hayley DejayHayley Dejay Posts: 6Member
    If I were you I would grab a handful of small training treats and every day walk a little further then give her a treat and praise her. Start with just stepping outside and give her a treat and walk back in, ( by how it sounds you can go outside with her but I would still do this), and then an hour later take two steps out and give her a treat and praise. Then the next day take 5 steps out and give her a treat. This is the only way I can think that she will ever get use to walking outside. Some helpful things could also be is to talk to her calmly through out the whole time your outside, when you know there's going to be a loud noise or something she's afraid of get down on your knees and pet her. Just do anything you can to comfort her. I hope I helped a little bit.
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