Loose neighbor dogs?

I have been recently been walking my dog down my street to a park everyday. My neighbor has an unfenced yard. The neighbor stopped me one day to ask me to walk on her side of the road because her 5 dogs are often loose and she did not want them to run across the road and get hit like one of her dogs did last fall and got killed. So for a couple days I did the neighborly thing and walked on her side. Today on the way to the park she told me "You have no idea what a pain this is" as she walked to her truck to stop some of her dogs from getting out. She failed and I had 3 dogs chase me and my dog. On the way back The same thing happened but I had to cross the road because they were so close. She has absolutely no voice control. I do not want any of the dogs involved to get hurt. What are some things I can do to prevent this from happening again?

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    I would call animal control. If she cared about her dogs, she would not let them loose like that. Since you have no control of her dogs, I would find another place to walk. Good luck!
  • Anya LetsonAnya Letson Posts: 611Member
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    I guess I would start from the perspective that she might not know she must contain her dogs. Maybe if you start by suggesting that she get a line, a leash, some kennels, or a fence. Let her know that if she's not compliant, she can be cited and fined by AC or her dogs removed. If that doesn't work, I'd call AC and, in the meantime, find a safer route to walk.
  • Maria ElenaMaria Elena Posts: 202Member
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    You can ask your neighbor politely to walk her dogs on leash so they won't run loose on the streets.


  • Tara PlanteTara Plante Posts: 7Member
    Yep what they said. Check your local laws. I know here, even in the country, they must be contained in their yard/property.
  • yes. I agree with you two. I would give her suggestions and if nothing changes then I would call animal control. As well as frightening others they could get hurt.
  • Hayley DejayHayley Dejay Posts: 6Member
    In lots of places you're only aloud a certain amount of dogs. So you should find out how many dogs you are allowed and if it's only 2 or 3 ( it's two where I live), you should report her because she obviously can't control 5 dogs. And to avoid you, your dog or her dogs getting hurt I would suggest finding another path to walk on until the problem is fixed.
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