my year old blue heeler wont stop chewing . I have tried everything i can think of! Any suggestions?

i have tried running her around the backyard with my other dog to get that puppy energy out. i have tried a thunder jacket, that was no help. i have tried the sprays and are supposed to taste bad. she ate the bottle. finally i have tried a crate and i hate forcing her into that stupid thing and she HATES it . i always praise her for chewing on her toys.


  • Angie PetersAngie Peters Posts: 4Member
    Persistence and patience. The crate is not a bad thing. They have some really great books on crate training. Give her a special kong treat with the kong goey stuff spread inside when she goes in the crate so it's a reward. She's still a puppy so be vigilant when you are with her and confine her to a safe zone when you can't see her. Try toddler gates if you can't stand the crate. I still have teeth marks on a couple of pieces of furniture from puppy days but this too shall pass. Everything goes in the mouth right now. If it looks like she's chewing because her mouth is bothering her have the vet make sure all the puppy teeth came out like they were supposed to. We had to have 2 removed.
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