when, how often and what kind of worming to do for dogs

i inherited a 1-1 1/2 yr old pitbull. should i worm him, if so what kind-- heartwormer or what and how often??? i know he was wormed about 5-6 monthes ago, but not sure for what. what should i do???

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  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    Worming meds ARE poison so routine worming is not a good idea. Take a stool sample to the vets for analysis to determine if he has worms and if he does, what kind they are as not all wormers kill all kinds of worms. You can purchase wormers from pet stores and farm supply outfits, but unless you know what kind of worms he actually has, if any, you should not be giving ANY wormers. Heartworm is a whole different thing. The dog MUST be blood tested prior to giving any kind of heartworm preventative. If he has heartworms, determined by a blood test at the vets, it is a veterinary only process to treat them, and it involves serious drugs and the necessity to keep him completely quiet until the heartworms are gone. If he is negative for heartworm then he should be receiving a preventative on a monthly basis during mosquito season OR year round in warmer climates. These preventatives are by prescription only and need to come from your veterinarian.
  • Carlyn JeffersonCarlyn Jefferson Posts: 254Member
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    Heartworms are deadly, and are transmitted via mosquito bites. If you live in warm climates where those bugs are around quite a bit, I'd recommend a monthly HW preventative. At first, it'll be a little expensive since you need blood tests done prior to the meds, (if you give HW preventative when he already has them, it could kill him...) Heartworm treatment could also kill a dog, so prevention is the safest way to go. My very favorite is a once-a-month pill from the vet (wish I could remember the name...I'm sure they'd know what you're talking about though). It kills HW, and 3-4 other worms, as well as sterilizes fleas and kills eggs. It was a reasonable price for me, about $130 for a year's worth, my boy hasn't had ANY worms or flea problems. If you can't afford much, and just have a case of roundworms (they're long...kinda white/pink, you'll see them in the stools) that need to be fixed ASAP, they do sell liquid meds at drugstores... I don't recommend it though. Best wishes!
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    I agree with the previous answers... there are different kinds of worms and unless you know exactly which kind, over-the-counter medicines will not kill them. Plus, your dog might still have other kinds of worms that can hurt your dog. So, the best solution is a vet visit and getting your dog on a monthly flea/tick/heartworm medicine. Or, you can do your flea/tick stuff separetely, but all heartworm meds only come from the vet (only pet stores with a vet clinic can sell them, and only with a prescription). ^_^
  • Maria ElenaMaria Elena Posts: 202Member
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    Heartworms are one of the most renowned parasites that your pup can get. It is delivered by mosquitos when they feed off your pup and the larva enters the bloodstream. The worms collect primarily in the heart and associated areas, hence the name heartworm. Preventative measures are common as veterinarians vaccinate regularly and offer treatments for this condition. These parasites can definitely ruin your pup’s day. The best preventative measure you can do is to make sure your pup gets their regular shots and vaccinations. Aside from that, it is recommended that you keep your yard clear of fecal material. If you have a grass litter box, be sure to be consistent in clearing poop. Because these parasites can transfer to us humans as well, cover up playground equipment and sand boxes to prevent other animals from doing their business there. Keep your pup vaccinated and keep your yard clear of parasites so that your pup will be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • Jawad AhmadJawad Ahmad Posts: 2Member
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    I will be writing a detailed article for the de-worming and de-worming schedule in dogs. I have written something about external parasites and ticks, they are also one cause of worm infestation and weakness in dogs. Read it here: http://www.veterinaryhub.com/flea-treatments-for-dogs/


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