Strictly outdoor dogs...?

My mom has bred, trained, handled and shown dogs since before I was born so naturally I've been raised in a household of dogs. I currently have a 3 year old Rough Collie who lives with my mother because my apartment complex does not allow dogs over 85lbs and I am looking forward to living with him again, in addition to getting a female to breed. Fortunately, my boyfriend and I are looking into buying a rather large house (4k sq ft on a 7k sq ft lot) so there is plenty of room for a large dog to live inside and out. My boyfriend was raised in a household where dogs live outside and are only allowed in a garage which is climate controlled. Personally, this doesn't fly with me and I don't agree with his decision that I won't be allowed to let my own dog inside the house. I have tried to make him at least give me a room indoors where I can teach Rhye to go to when he comes inside but he is having none of it and I'm about to lose it and go off on him. Any opinions of what to do from here?

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  • Obi BarbarisiObi Barbarisi Posts: 553Member
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    Work if out or find a new boyfriend :p
  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    In my opinion, in "most cases", dogs that are family pets belong in the house with their people. If my husband would not allow me to take proper care of my dogs, then I would get rid of him. One of the most important things to me as a quality in him, is our like mind set when it comes to our pets. He loves them just as much as me and would never make one of our pets live outside. If you really love him, and he's that set in his ways, then I would not get a pet. Hope that helps. Good Luck!
  • MJ KFMJ KF Posts: 29Member
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    There can be serious drawbacks to having outside only dogs, so I would try to convince your boyfriend.
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    Years and years ago my fiancé and I had this argument. We were building our home together and he informed me my dog would live outside only. I walked, and have NEVER regretted it one single minute!!!! My next boyfriend welcomed my dogs into his home and life was good again.
  • Kathleen BeamishKathleen Beamish Posts: 9Member
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    This is a no brainer. Your dog has never lived outside and shouldn't be forced to start now. Intact males have a higher desire to roam. He could get stolen and used by a BYB. He could be attacked by another animal. He could impregnate someone else's dog, and we both know that bringing life into this world isn't for the uneducated. Grooming him will become more of a chore because he won't be resting in a clean home. Bringing a female into the situation wouldn't be responsible. She would be at risk of everything he is. When it comes time to raise the pups in the garage, they'll miss out on crucial exposure to every day things. I'm sure you would sleep in the garage with them if need be, but the thing is that you shouldn't have to. I say... dump your boyfriend and spend the money on getting Rhye's genetic testing up to date instead. He wouldn't expect your boyfriend to live outside.
  • chlo lylechlo lyle Posts: 4Member
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    whos going to be there for you if this relationship goes south Rhye is so in my opinion it would be wrong to send him outside to live just cause of your boyfriend if he cant understand that i would get a new man
  • lizzie realilizzie reali Posts: 1Member
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    You may have to rethink your relationship with your boyfriend.
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