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We have an 8 month old Yoraian. He bites at play time and it is hard has drawn blood on my wife and I. There are times we are watching TV and he just come up and bites are toes. How can we get him to stop biting all together? He tears up so many things around house we have chew bones for him and toys also.

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    A bored dog will find things to entertain themselves, which usually translates to some unwanted behavior. How much excercise does he get? Do you have a crate? If so is he crate trained? I would take him for walks, and increase them as he gets older. When he bites you, distract him with a toy. When he can't be watched, put him in a crate with something to do like fill a kong toy with peanut butter. That should keep him busy for a while. Taking him to some obedience classes might help too. Good luck. He sounds like a normal active puppy to me. :)
  • MJ KFMJ KF Posts: 29Member
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    Agree, with everything Toby said, just wanted to add that making a high pitched "eek!" sound sound when he nips could be helpful. Another thing you could do is to put something yummy like peanut butter on your hand, and when he licks it off praise him and say "Kisses! Good Kisses!" If he nips, say "eek!" and pull away. Then, go back to having him lick your hand. Hope this is helpful!
  • cindy stewartcindy stewart Posts: 1Member
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    my 6 mo. maltese does same.he gets plenty of out door time,ball,fun and still shreds me.
  • Keyla HigginsKeyla Higgins Posts: 4Member
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    Like the saying goes "A tired dog is a good dog" but because of busy schedules we can't always tire our dogs out every single day or before we get visitors and such. Tired or not, we just can't have our dogs biting us or others. It sounds like your dog is still a pup so changing the habit shouldn't be too hard. You can do a couple of things to stop the biting: 1. Put bitter tasting No Chew spray on your hands to make them unappealing. 2. Immediately distract the pup with something appropriate to bite such as a toy. 3. Hold a delicious treat in a closed fist and only allow the pup to have it when he/she licks your hand instead of bite. 4. Yelp like you are injured and remove your attention, no looking or talking to the pup. Get up and walk away if you have to. Try mix these methods to see which works best for you.
  • Lauren SwainLauren Swain Posts: 1Member
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    This is normal considering the fact that it is a puppy. You should maybe get a dog trainer, or spray him with a spray bottle. DO NOT KEEP PLAYING! We want him to know that it is not Ok to bite and that he does not get rewarded.


  • I agree with a lot of these suggestions. This is completely normal behavior, just very annoying. Human babies put everything in their mouths, dogs do too, and they have sharper teeth. I play tug with my dogs, they love it, but I do it on my terms. The first thing I teach is the "Out" or “drop it” command. I let the pup latch on, play a little tug, and give that release command. I then hold the toy completely still until the pup gets bored and lets go. Then I let her bite again, play tug, and repeat many times. This teaches her that Some biting games are OK, Some are not, and she has to let go when I say so. As others suggest, I give a high-pitched yip when a pup bites, to imitate another (outraged) pup. I hold a treat in my hand, say "no teeth, only kisses", open the fist just a bit so the pup has to lick the treat out, and praise for this behavior. I do not punish or use bitter apple. I never get on the floor to play with the dog. It seems to encourage them to chew on me
  • Well it's not a bad thing what he's doing, it's a puppy! I also have 2 puppies about the same age it just wants to play with you! Get some stuffed animals or something so that when he does bite you you can go in a room with a clear hallway move the toy around and surely he'll bite it then gradually take it from him and throw it down the hall then he'll chase it and bring it back to you. If your worried about it lasting forever well it won't he just needs to learn when he can do it and when he can't and around a year and a half he should be grown out of biting your tows.
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