Dog was sprayed by a skunk!

My dog was sprayed by a skunk 2 weeks ago. We immediately bathed him, and have since given him 5 baths. We've tried everything. Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, mouthwash, store bought deskunker solution, deodorizing shampoo, everything short of tomato juice (he's a white dog). The smell is still lingering, but it is now tolerable, except for when he gets wet, and it feels like we are back at square one. Is there anything we can still try or do we just have to wait it out to dissipate by itself?

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Posts: 1,670Member
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    Both... there are different de-skunk shampoos that you can buy. If the smell is so putrid that you can't stand being near your dog, try another brand. Your dog has learned a valuable lesson in the process... ^_^
  • Donna BurkeDonna Burke Posts: 2Member
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    Shave them. Their hair will grow back but it does help. My three Chihuahuas got it good from a skunk. So shaved and bathed. Then just bathed them once a month like always.
  • Elliott Shifman LElliott Shifman L Posts: 2Member
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    I think that you should just wait it out maybe even give him a hair cut to eliminate the space that the smell could be clinging to. #elliottshifmanl


  • Dee RichterDee Richter Posts: 14Member
    Sounds crazy but when i worked at the groomers we used Douche. Goto the drug store get two to four douches and use that after a shampoo with a de skunk . Super soft fur too after
  • Charlene McRobertsCharlene McRoberts Nashville TnPosts: 2Member
    try tomatoe juice in a can or bottle and saturate him well with it let it set on him for about 5 minutes and rinse if the smell is still there repeat again and leave on a little longer.I assure you that it does work!
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