Do Belgian Shepherds have a strong doggie odor?

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    Perhaps it is likely what Dermatology ear mites ah! Carefully open its hair, to see if there is not peeling, red spots, if there is an oil dirty and somewhat smelly ears. Found the best way to go to the pet hospital consultation. There is sure to dry after a bath, or wet skin prone to skin diseases. If you need some pet can click here,thank you!
  • Ken CowanKen Cowan SurreyPosts: 2Member
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    To be honest, dogs in general should not smell like a dog or have that so called doggie odor. Another person commented yeast in the ears. This is really the problem, yeast overgrowth and could be fairly severe depending on the diet and how long it has been going on for. It will take much more then bathing the animal. This problem needs to be treated from the inside out. The dog isn't digesting it's food properly and the carb content from the food is feeding the yeast in the intestinal tract. You need to change the food to a raw food diet or freeze dried with no carb content except for fermented vegetables. Add in an Omega-3-6-9 supplement,plus coconut oil and a prebiotic supplement made from flax and sesame fiber plus glutamine. The glutamine will repair the intestinal lining, the coconut oil will help rid the yeast, the fiber will feed the good bacteria and provide lignans to balance hormone function and the fatty acids will also help with repair in the intestinal tract.


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