Advice on moving 4 hours away with two 18 year old cats who don't like car rides?

The vet gave one a tranquilizer before but it only lasted an hour (he didn't want to give him anything stronger because of his age). How should I set up the car, and new apartment (if I can move some things in early)? I'm trying to make it as easy as possible on them. Thank you for any help you can offer!

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  • Jennifer EatwellJennifer Eatwell Posts: 5Member
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    Have you talked to your vet about gabapentin? A lot of senior kitties are on it regularly for arthritis pain but at higher doses for occasional use it can be sedating. It is not a tranquilizer but does really take the edge off, makes them calm and sleepy for several hours. It is safer for older cats than some other medications. Also, try feliway in the car and the new apartment (the spray lasts a few hours and the plug-ins takes 24 hours to "kick-in"). When they get there if they are brave let them explore, if they are nervous cats keep them in one room with all their necessities (and the feliway plug-in) for a bit until things are more settled in the rest of the apartment. Good luck.
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