I have a 16 month Rottweiler/Alsatian rescue dog. She has lived with us for a couple of weeks now is

From time to time she will do a poo in one of the rooms or a pee. She gets regular walks (altho not risked off the lead yet) and is a wonderful dog just I thought by now she would be clean. Any advice would be welcome

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  • DeaDea NHPosts: 7,176Member ✭✭✭
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    She's going through an adjustment period. I'd go back to basics & treat her like she's an 8 wk old puppy. Potty train her from scratch. You have a crate? If not, I would get one. Take her outside. If she goes potty, she just earned 1 hour of freedom. If not, put her back in the crate. An hour later, take her out. If she goes, she just earned 1 hour of freedom. Repeat. This is very time consuming but it works. She's older; she'll catch on quick. I'd restrict her to 1 or 2 rooms where you can watch her. There are some good cleaners that use enzymes to clean the carpets where she's had accidents. I'd clean them well before you start retraining her. Once she starts giving a cue (maybe a whine, pace, sit by door, stare at you, dogs are all different with how they ask), then you can slowly give her more freedom. Good Luck and remember, being in a new home is stressful for dogs. Please keep us posted. :)


  • Diane LollDiane Loll Posts: 5Member
    I recently got a 1 1/2 year old rescue pup, his Mommy allowed him to poop and pee in the house so he did not feel guilty or bad about pooping and peeing where ever he wanted or needed. I myself took a rolled up newspaper and hit my hand with it when he pooped. My goal? I was trying to help him realize that it was not ok to poop and pee in the house. Did I beat him No... But the sound on my hand, or on the floor made him notice me. I then proceeded to put him on the biggest guilt trip known to mankind, and dog kind too. Ohhh Mommy's so disappointed, Mommy's sad... I even pretended to cry once when he pee'd all over the side of my couch! Oh wait, I think I really did cry that time! Anyway, the vet had told me that dogs really want to please their owners, so I figured id make him realize i was not happy. I know.. I know... this sounds crazy, but it worked. He does not poop or pee in the house anymore and i have only had him for three months.
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