Our dog REFUSES to keep her collar on, she chews through everything we've tried. HELP!

Kelli YoungKelli Young MoorePosts: 7Member
We've tried every kind of collar we can find, harnesses, soaked her collars in bitter spray, tried it all.. But she continues to chew them off. We've been looking to find a chain collar that she can wear on a daily basis that can't be chewed off but can't seem to find any small enough. She's a 12-14 pound dachshund/min pin mix. I'm always so worried she's going to get out and not have a collar on, she's micro-chipped but I would still feel so much better if she would keep her collar on. Any suggestions of where I can find a collar like that?

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  • Claire RobisonClaire Robison Oregon CityPosts: 4,926Member
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    How is she able to chew her collar? None of my dogs can reach theirs. Maybe you have never had it tight enough so it sits in the correct place? If you find a chain collar you like except for that it is too big, you can take some links off of it- if you're never going to put them back on, it doesn't matter if you have to cut them off.
  • Liz HardersenLiz Hardersen GranbyPosts: 5,862Member
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    Is it possible her housemate is chewing it off her? It's just not possible for a dog to reach their own collar if it fits properly. But if Layla were "helping" her....? You can adjust a small choke type chain by adding either a split key ring or a quick link from the hardware store (see below). Or just use the quick link to create your own collar with chromed chain from the hardware store. Once adjusted, it should NOT be able to to be pulled off over her head. You are correct in wanting her to have a collar on, even if chipped. According to Home Again (Sonny's micro chip company), 90% of dogs are returned by the phone number on their collars. Quick links are oblong metal links with screw together closure on one side. http://www.smithbrothers.com/product.asp?pn=X3-01366&sid=priceg5&CATALOG_CODE=SX833&EID=X3833001&zmam=1460880&zmas=2&zmac=26&zmap=X3-01366
  • Evelyn CummingsEvelyn Cummings Posts: 11,879Member
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    The only time I have ever seen dogs able to get their own collars off is if they have things like large tags hanging on them that they can get into their mouths. If that is the case, tape her tags to the collar itself so that she can't reach them. Otherwise, I agree with the others... it is not possible to reach and chew a well-fitted collar. I would suspect either she is reaching it via the tags OR your other dog is "helping" her chew it off. Just a note... a metal chain collar is definitely NOT SAFE when she is with another dog. I have heard (and actually witnessed) far too many dogs dying when another dog got tangled in their collar. Once a jaw is stuck thru the other dogs collar unless you are RIGHT THERE to cut it off with metal cutters, one of them will likely choke to death. No collar is really safe when there is more than one dog playing and not being watched 100%. My friends golden died in the time it took her to run into the house to get a cutter to free them.
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
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    Sometimes collars and harnesses really chafe! Taggert is the one I have trouble with, he's a chihuahua possibly a mix, but the collars hat I have to find have to be ones that don't have little poky ends or rough fabric. The nylon collars that are sold aren't always considerate of a dog's tender skin. Taggert chewed through his harnesses, and he always itches the spots on the collar where they are bothering him. collars are one of those things that a dog should just be able to forget they are wearing. If he's chewing on it, it might be that he has sensitive skin and the collar is chafing him in a couple places. I would try collars that are made of leather or natural fabric like wool, linnen, or soy
  • Lu CarLu Car Posts: 1Member
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    We use a soft harness VEST on Lydia. She seems to like it as it is very soft and comfortable and she wears it in the house when she visits with friends. There are a wide variety of harness vests on the internet. They usually come with a D-ring to attach the dog tags to. If Marley is not a puller when she walks, try a fabric vesgt with velcro closure. We tried this on Lydia but she "escaped" from one of them so we only use the buckle kind now. There are some great harness vests on etsy if you type 'harness vest' in the search box: http://www.etsy.com/ Hope this helps Marley.
  • Jirehlynn SJirehlynn S RushvillePosts: 83Member
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    My sisters pom, Cliche has the SAME problem!! No matter WHAT collar we put on her she chews it off! We've tightened it to where yo can fit two fingers in comfortably [which is as tight as they are SUPPOSE to be] but she still manages to get her mouth around it and chew it off. She's gotten stuck a few times, scary stuff...We haven't found a solution, and you are right, they do not make chain collars small enough for such dogs. Ours is NOT microchipped and has her information on her collar so this is a big problem. It's not that we don't want to microchip but even our vet told us microchipping around here is pointless, because people just don't take strays to the vet. We've never tried bitter spray..So people saying it's impossible for her to get her mouth around, its not!! We've thought about getting those safety release collars and making them tighter but have decided against it. She ironically put a cat collar on her with jewels around it and she didn't chew through that though?
  • Sandra SwinkeySandra Swinkey Posts: 207Member
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    DO NOT use a choke collar. Those collars should not be used at all unless the dog is highly aggressive and it is under last resort. Choke collars should only be used as a last resort for only training.(besides your dog is waaaay to small to have a chained collar. It might pinch off her larynx. Use a slip collar you can tighten it and loosen it. Keep an eye on your dog and if she starts to chew on it, distract her from doing so.When you first get the collar show her the collar and give her some treats telling her that the collar is a good thing to have. Once shes used to being around it, put it on her and give her more treats and do this for about a week or two.(if she thinks your playing when you show her the collar, and trys to grab and take off, pull it away quickly and say "eh" or "no" in a sturn voice.)only have the collar on her when she goes outside or for a walk. My dog did the same thing, and i trained him not to chew on his leash.He hasnt chewed on it since then.
  • kat patkat pat Posts: 5Member
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    i would think it needs a chain collar but if it is to big get a thick collar and every time it chews it say no in a stern voice and if she/he continues pop she/he on the nose easily and say no


  • Mike FoleyMike Foley Posts: 2Member
    I have designed and built a collar that you simply place on the dog, that uses a low voltage to detour you dog and other dogs from chewing on the collar. I tried all the anti chew sprays with no success. In my case I have 2 dogs together and one was always chewing the collar off of the other. That all stopped when I placed my collar on the dogs. please email me at [email protected] if you would like more information about the collar or if you wish to purchase one.
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